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  1. I came out when I was in 5th grade as bi but my mom didn’t really take it seriously. But then in high school I came out as transguy and she disowned me and kicked me out. she wasn’t cool with my ***ual orientation really but could ignore it but once the gender came into play a bible was thrown at me. And now I’m pan, trans, and chillin.
  2. 1, Hug because he’s cool 2. slap because sometimes he’s just annoying 3. kiss because dang he cute.
  3. The Sinking City. I love lovecraftian anything but the controls and layout were so janky and gross and as a detective game the cases weren’t even like...interesting. maybe I just expected to much idk
  4. I have insomnia pretty bad so I’ll get sleep paralysis if it’s been a rough week. It sucks and honestly doesn’t even freak me out anymore because I know my body is asleep and not my brain. But I did go through a phase of watching a YouTube channel called exotics lair and was interested in his tarantulas. I’m stupid scared of spiders so sometimes I would like have sleep paralysis and open my eyes to a big ass spider on one of my walls and freak out. And then be like look for it with a shoe and be like... wait I dreamt of that. And go back to bed 😅
  5. I’ve dated a lot of women and a lot of men and tbh they’re kinda the same just different wrapping paper. Lmao Both genders can be equally as toxic or great. I think it’s more on the person you are dating.
  6. Aconitum also known as Monkshood. It just has a cool history. Lol
  7. I buy vinyls but only like picture discs or splatters because I see them more of like..art.
  8. I’m pro vax and got the Pfizer version. I’ve seen so many people *** to COVID(30+) and think personally it’s selfish to just wait to see how others react to it even though it went through rigorous clinical trials like any other vaccine. It wasn’t rushed it was just able to be done faster because there was a larger incentive to do so. Especially with Ohio at least with the lifting of the mask mandate it’s super unsafe for people who are immune compromised and don’t even have the option to get it. 😷
  9. Heart strings
  10. Alot of Satoshi Kon’s movie’s are good like Perfect Blue and Paprika
  11. I’m a Aries moon 🌙 with an Scorpio sun ☀️
  12. I’m sorryy lmao all of us pans can just chill in the pantry together 🤙
  13. Have you ever participated in a talent show of some type?? yes actually I played a song by the Plain White T’s on guitar (Badly) in high school. um.. Have you ever been zip lining?
  14. I can crunch my wrists like rice crispy treats 😅 like cracking your knuckles but..with my wrists lol
  15. I’m part of the cookware club 💖💛💙
  16. jk rowling Is kind of a terf and **** person tbh but I used to like Harry Potter. I was a hufflepuff 🥲
  17. Um. 🙃 I guess I had this scary reoccurring dream I could share? I always walked through this neighborhood where all the houses were cookie cutter same and they had these um...trash cans in the same spot in each yard. I would frantically be running down the street trying to find the right one to jump into and once I did the world would like...flip upside down? Some As Above so Below **** really. But I would also be aware kinda that I was dreaming. I ended up running into a house that had these two parallel doors(So you could stand at the back door and see straight through the front) I would then get caught up looking for my sister and she would just like ignore me when I tried to warn her about this monster outside and she would walk outside the front and I would just hear this...static? but then everything would revert back in time to me climbing out of the trash can and I would I have to redo trying to help my sister but each time I would be more aware that I was dreaming and it didn’t feel right. By the end of the dream my other sister would show up and I would be like. woah you’re not supposed to be here and then I would be like **** I’m not supposed to be here and they aren’t actually “them”.They’re just what my dream brain thought of them. and they would both stop being..themselves and just stare at me and everything would just jump time and I would keep trying to figure out where I actually was. Like if I was before I jumped or not and at the end. After It would speed up so fast as in like time my body would just freeze and I would fall into the floor and close my eyes and be resurfacing into a shallow puddle like thing and just wait to like...***. Like my arms could get out of the water but the head and rest of my body couldn’t and I would just...give up and sink deeper. It was super cold and I could feel like the actual burning in my lungs. ... but yeah dreams are weird right?😅
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