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  1. Trans guy here so some thoughts? So I think that this is a complicated topic with a lot of variables to consider. We’re tossing up a lot of different views but I feel from what I read Onision believes men should have a say in a women’s pregnancy.Which is valid. The end all choice? No. ******** is labeled a women’s issue because it has greater affects on her rather than the man involved but in no way is it solely a women’s issue. But this got toxic real quick. The whole time **** with a women with fertilized egg=Baby vs Men jacking off=no baby is literally semantics and stupid. Body autonomy vs morals is tricky. In the same way his sister decided to circumcise without the babys consent(because...baby not legal adult) Is definitely rooted in religious bull**** and cultural norms as is ********. It’s honestly gross that people manipulate other peoples bodies without their consent and all should be banned. You can literally get circumcised when you’re older and can make that choice yourself. Kinda like when people pierce their baby’s ears like... just why? It’s not cool for a man to ask a women to get an ******** but it is also not cool for a women to have a baby and receive c***d support from a father that does not want to be involved. If she chooses to have a baby without a partner to help raise the k*d then that’s her choice but don’t make the father accountable for something he never agreed to. Let’s just stop shaming people? The choice is for the women to make because it’s her body carrying said baby. so the shaming of fathers not wanting to be fathers is also comparable to the shaming of women wanting to get ********s. You’re not meeting the roles that society set up for each gender and you get publicly shamed just in different ways. As of now it’s more acceptable for women and men to shame “absent” fathers for being “deadbeat dads” than it is for men and women to shame women for having ********s because having a c***d is a long term commitment vs an ********. Once you have an ******** the women usually feels the most long term affects psychologically and physically but after a few months or years the people around her forget. But on the other hand you cannot forget a living c***d so you’ll see more coverage on “deadbeat dads” in the public eye because it’s consistent. I’m literally a pacifist and do not even believe in the d**th penalty one bit but I support ******** rights and the fact that it’s solely up to the women no matter what circumstance. The man is upset that the women had an ******** because he wanted to be a father? Sorry but he’s not having a fertilized egg inside of him is he? So sucks to suck. Everyone should just have their own rights at least to their bodies. Which is the bare minimum. Stepping the line of whose choice to make with their own body with the laws is a slippery slope, and as a trans guy myself I at least have some experience with fighting similar ****. Men can just literally physically leave when a women is pregnant. A women has to make a choice to t********e or not because she cannot because it is... inside HER body. Not his. That is why it boils down to her choice over his. ....idk just my thoughts tho
  2. I came out when I was in 5th grade as bi but my mom didn’t really take it seriously. But then in high school I came out as transguy and she disowned me and kicked me out. she wasn’t cool with my ***ual orientation really but could ignore it but once the gender came into play a bible was thrown at me. And now I’m pan, trans, and chillin.
  3. 1, Hug because he’s cool 2. slap because sometimes he’s just annoying 3. kiss because dang he cute.
  4. The Sinking City. I love lovecraftian anything but the controls and layout were so janky and gross and as a detective game the cases weren’t even like...interesting. maybe I just expected to much idk
  5. I have insomnia pretty bad so I’ll get sleep paralysis if it’s been a rough week. It sucks and honestly doesn’t even freak me out anymore because I know my body is asleep and not my brain. But I did go through a phase of watching a YouTube channel called exotics lair and was interested in his tarantulas. I’m stupid scared of spiders so sometimes I would like have sleep paralysis and open my eyes to a big ass spider on one of my walls and freak out. And then be like look for it with a shoe and be like... wait I dreamt of that. And go back to bed
  6. I’ve dated a lot of women and a lot of men and tbh they’re kinda the same just different wrapping paper. Lmao Both genders can be equally as toxic or great. I think it’s more on the person you are dating.
  7. Aconitum also known as Monkshood. It just has a cool history. Lol
  8. I buy vinyls but only like picture discs or splatters because I see them more of like..art.
  9. I’m pro vax and got the Pfizer version. I’ve seen so many people *** to COVID(30+) and think personally it’s selfish to just wait to see how others react to it even though it went through rigorous clinical trials like any other vaccine. It wasn’t rushed it was just able to be done faster because there was a larger incentive to do so. Especially with Ohio at least with the lifting of the mask mandate it’s super unsafe for people who are immune compromised and don’t even have the option to get it.
  10. Alot of Satoshi Kon’s movie’s are good like Perfect Blue and Paprika
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