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  1. Putting together Carmel apples tomorrow. (green apples 👑) Went four wheeling. Waiting until October to pick pumpkins from my garden and carve them a week before Halloween. I workout more in fall/spring bc it’s not so hot outside. Always trying to grow into a better version of myself but I feel stagnant currently and that’s no fun. Hmm nothing really interesting 🙂
  2. It’s natural to feel lonely some times even if you’re in a room crowded with people. I get lonely mainly when I want to share moments with someone else who would equally have a good time but obviously can’t. When I’m feeling down I rather work on it alone and come back as a better person to further share good moments with.. I enjoy being alone most of the the time lately without feeling lonely.
  3. Woah I almost couldn’t tell if this was a new upload or not, only the tone of voice was the give away. Agreed. Looks could matter but only so much. Being in lust, having love and being in love are all different grounds people can mix up some times. Love is more than surface level. Some times having a connection is beyond words but definitely beyond appearances
  4. My favorite episode is about Harley riders 😂 So far from what I’ve seen, most everything they rag on holds merit and it’s awesome My favorite moments.. well here
  5. Oh great this song will be stuck in my head again for a while
  6. If you feel good you’ll give off a happy vibe, smiling or not. You rock any style so as long as you are feeling good about yourself that’s all that matters, not the color of your hair 😄
  7. Too hot 87 and muggy 😒 I wanna move somewhere the summer heat doesn’t make me m*******e even if that means more intense winters
  8. Orders made online I have been pretty happy with except when I buy clothing from out of country brands like shein. I’ll order my side and not realize it’s in china sizing so it’s obviously too small. Example a medium in China is like a xs in US. It’s so cheap tho I don’t even try to return it. I should’ve known better and did my measurements i just end up donating it.
  9. I’ve rode atvs, dirt bikes and been on the back of a motorcycle before. I tried to drive a 800 cc Harley for the first time (big dumb but yolo) and I forgot to pull the throttle as I released the clutch, it jumped forward, stalled and I fell over what felt like the slowest fall of my life. I’m glad I can laugh at myself and didn’t get myself or the bike really damaged. I had fun 😂 practice makes perfect but mayyybe it should be on a smaller bike.
  10. music videos back then almost used to be more nostalgic than the songs. Apparently my favorite era was 12-ish years ago, seems like it was just a blink on an eye.
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