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  1. Never played Sims 1 but I did play 2 on pc and currently play 4 on ps4. I love classic style games though.
  2. The latest thing was someone kept asking me for days what was bothering me at a different time. I wasn’t making a big deal out of it but they could just tell som*thing was bugging me. I kept telling them over and over seriously don’t worry about it stop asking. It seemed they were more being nosy and just wanting to know than caring and possibly coming up with a solution even tho I was already over it. I finally gave in and they got upset at me about what I was bothered by... 🙃
  3. Sounds like an awesome experience I’m envious since I’ve never been yet! Was it your first con? If not was it similar to your other times going??
  4. I did the shopping, all the cleaning except their laundry, they mowed the lawn, cooking was split but mostly myself bc I love doing it, bills they covered rent and I covered all the utilities and “extras” like cable internet subscriptions including going out buying clothes and what not. i seen a video about someone saying if you go 50/50 that’s not a relationship that’s a roommate. Though a funny way to look at it, if that’s not an agreement by both parties I don’t see why one person “should” be paying everything for a whole nother adult just bc of their gender.
  5. I’ve seen quite a bit of covid shaming but you can take all the precautions you can and s***t happens. You can’t help that you still have to do life just bc it’s going around. No it’s not ok.
  6. I’ve never felt right eating animals. I almost never ate it growing up bc it just didn’t feel right to me. I realized vegetarianism was a thing and pondered if I could actually go all the way with it. About three years ago I finally did after watching some documentaries on slaughter houses and nutrition and researching lots of recipes. I get teased for it a lot irl but it doesn’t bother me too much.
  7. I’ve been told I look like Mary-Jane (Kristen durst) from Spider-Man Also Avril Lavigne I can see a bit of the resemblance
  8. I’m sure we’ve all heard of the honeymoon phase. Where the relationship has just began or a new stage where everything feels fresh and you’re both at your top game of trying to impress and be there for your partner. My question is do you think that the cycle phase is a myth or true? Do you think as time goes on that “real love” is where you all can just exist with each other without needing to show love everyday? my longest relationship was 5+ years and I never got over the butterflies. Even in the rough times I was still able to look at the person with a clean slate after every battle. The feeling of going the extra mile for them never wore off. Every moment was just as fresh an eventful for myself. So.. I would say for myself the honeymoon phase is a myth bc my kind of love never dissipated as time went on. What are your thoughts?
  9. 😭 you hyped it up man you got me 😆 but that’s why I don’t really understand marriage bc you don’t know if it is going to last. It’s a commitment to love a person ten, twenty years down the road that may be a complete different person that you first got with. I’ve only seen three marriages work out out of everyone I’ve known. I’m flexible enough to grow with the person I’d commit to but it’s always a question if the other is willing to do the same when things get tough at times. And making the breaking up process more difficult with adding in legal barriers... I just don’t see the point.
  10. Remember that you aren’t expected to know everything during the interview that’s what training is for. They’re just mostly looking to see if you’re a team player and committed to your work. Look at it as you’ve known these people and got the job already and you’re just having a casual chat about your work experience
  11. I was almost a Tiffany but they thought it would be weird bc I have a cousin with that name. I plan on changing my legal name I don’t like it at all 😭
  12. Awh that’s what most anyone could wish for. I’m glad you’re happy and wish you guys the best! I love seeing/hearing about love working out 🙌🏻



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