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  1. Feeling tired today, & so over this sticky hot weather. I keep waking up in the middle of the night having to force myself downstairs for ice packs to cuddle with lol. I will appreciate fall when it comes, and appreciate winter for like two weeks, then I will complain that it’s too cold and can’t wait for summer again 😂 such a contradiction happens every year. Planning for today to be a relaxing day. May or may not take a bath, definitely going to have some tea and catch up on a lot of stuff I missed on the DVR. Kinda been wanting to play my PS4 lately though been stuck on my phone games, such as TwoDots and Cooking Craze... lol I am such a neeeerrrd. Status; Blah ...bored
  2. I mean that’s not my cat 😂😂 I hear what you’re saying though as I have raised kittens before. Still thought it was cute, didn’t think much of it.
  3. WOW, you totally beat me to it 😂 I was just about to reply to this topic saying I love sleeping.
  4. True, it is hard to have confidence in people. This is why I sometimes appreciate that I have a big imagination because of the happiness it can bring me, then again this has had its cons and negative effects in the past. Most people I feel lack empathy, empathy as in the ability to try to understand or feel what someone else is feeling. The worst thing about being a so called empath is our own feelings should never be separated.. If that makes sense.
  5. I feel that there are constantly lessons to be learned in life, so in my eyes it’s hard for me to say what the most important lesson is. *Sigh* might sound sad, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that at the end of the day the only person who ever truly has your back? Is yourself. Trust is sacred, and should NOT be given away at any cost. Respect is earned not given. It is draining to build on any type of feelings or relationships *including friendships* because to me it’s just too much work to be let down all over again. *sounds depressing, I don’t always feel this way.. I try to stay hopeful in a hopeless world hah Love has different meanings and forms and is WAY more complex than it will ever be simple.
  6. Ok, I still listen to them... I love MCR. 🥺😍 Also, does this count ? Another favorite MCR of mine, also Teenagers. Literally was blasting it on my TV yesterday.
  7. Never believed I had a Jersey accent, miss my NY accent, although it pops around here and there. Yes, not a fan of Dunkin or Wawa, I have my silent reasons. I don’t drive, got my license though, the gas thing is convenient for sure. Yes you’re right, stoners everywhere, maybe just the crowds I have been around plus not gonna lie...... or say much after that ha. Overall I just feel that jersey is one of those stoner type states. I just also feel there are many bars and strip clubs, me? Not a fan myself, I prefer visiting the strip clubs in GTA.... 😂 I have my reasons again. Ahhh yes *sounding like Jeff goldblum* good old Garden State ❤️ Ah the jersey shore the show is a guilty pleasure and nah it doesn’t represent jersey at all. I DO love going down the shore, any board walk. There are also water fronts near me I appreciate and they are a bit more personal. Big fan of Keansburg board walk. Prob spelt it wrong lol I embrace dirty jersey and yeah it’s a love / hate relationship. Just ehh, I seem to be more on the Frits with jersey. I am 29 now Moved here in 2003, was 11 years old. Maybe it’s my town that I dislike more than the actual state of New Jersey. 😂
  8. Without looking it up let me see if I can pin point the stereo types I may remember, or have come to realization maybe I should say. 1. There is no such thing as a jersey accent 2. Everyone loves Dunkin Donuts 3. Wawa ... jersey thing, not really a stereotype 5. We do not pump our own gas 6. Plenty of stoners in new jersey 7 . Lots of strip clubs and bars *not a stereotype I know* 8. There’s mainly highways & diners 9. Most people from jersey love the shore, although our beaches are not the cleanest or nicest at all. 10. hence, dirty jersey. *actually looked up a couple* Hey yes like you stated, stereo types =] Nice to come across someone who is also from New Jersey tho, so nice to virtually meet cha 👋🏻 😊🙃
  9. I am going to have to do some research on jersey because some of those seem wrong to me and I’ve been living here for years. Just my outlook I just feel jersey people are quiet and to themselves, New Yorkers are loud and obnoxious, and have no filter most of the time. Dirty jersey tho ya know
  10. Well, I’m originally from New York so I represent both New York & jersey ... *Sigh* a giant huge part of me can definitely without a doubt say that i am NOT a fan of New Jersey 😂😂😂 so that loyal aspect for me is way off.
  11. Hm, I am trying to spark my memory here... I believe I bought this on Amazon if I’m not mistaken? Or Hot Topic...
  12. Axel is hot 🔥haha... & no not same exact one, I do like that one... this is my kh blankie So every time I wake up all of these characters are just grilling me 😂 Actually only Sora and Roxas are looking.... the other ones are staring off into space. Gee do you see Kairi’s arm???? Lol it’s SO long lol
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