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  1. I work at a little Jimmy John's store (I forgot to mention that). It's so little that there is no drive through window. Our motto is quality over quantity (it's a stab at subway for their many many many locations and turkey based everything). I like our sandwiches so I'm very biased. My favorite is the Beach Club (#12 on the menu). It has turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo, cucumber, provolone cheese, and avocado spread on our french bread. I like to add onions. most of our sandwiches have meat. our menu is very customizable though. We have a vegetarian sandwich called The Veggie (so creative, I know. it's # 6 on the menu). It has cucumbers, provolone cheese, avocado spread, lettuce, tomato, and mayo (I am making myself hungry...) on our french bread unless you get it as an....unwich? An unwich is our version of a lettuce wrap! we have rewards too! becoming a rewards member (online or on the app) gets you a free Favorites 8 inch sandwich. My customers are really nice (because I feed them)! I love my job. Some come in hangry. they can be a bit rude but they are super nice after they eat. When I'm on deliveries a customer might get angry if it's taken too long to get to them (we do not have time limits but again...hangry people). some customers order like we're a subway so we have to know our sandwiches very well to determine which button to push on the cash register. My coworkers are incredible (and patient because I make many mistakes). My boss is really sweet (she tends to mother us but not in a condescending way). The store owner will literally drop everything to come help if we get a sudden rush of customers or a really huge catering order (everyone calls her mom. except me. because I have issues.) This is the best job I've ever had. Instead of getting upset that I needed to leave early on a really busy day (because I was having dizzy spells from withdrawal from not having had my anxiety m******n for a week) they were worried about me. My boss sent me a text to drink more water! (it was really cute.) Again, I am very biased when it comes to my job. So if this reads as a commercial or spam...that's why.
  2. I work in a sandwich shop. My boss is awesome and my coworkers are really nice. It's a nice change of pace to the other jobs I've had. I've been a housekeeper in a hotel, a Walmart associate (I do not recommend it), a temp-housekeeper in an assisted living, a fruit inspector for the WSDA/USDA, five years at four different fruit sheds sorting cherries, and an assistant cook/dishwasher at a camp.
  3. I'm smack-dab in the middle of a Simplynailogical playlist.
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