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  1. pan s e x u a l/ d e m i s e xu a l personality and how they use their brain, that's what I'm attracted to. Looks fade but who a person is, is forever.
  2. hi im teemo mcfly im a sweet- hecking video game player who like long walks through the arcade eating hot chips and sufing the web I'm 26 years old and ill be 27 in Oct~ my favorite pokemon is gyrados but I attached a photo of a magikarp I took on The new Pokemon Snap !
  3. slytherin is what I got from the official sorting hat website
  4. x x x holic/great teacher onizuka/ d e a t h note/ been watching demon slayer, its iight/ jigoku shoujo is amazing lol had to space it out cause its censored for no reason
  5. i just use twitter to promote my twitch channel 🤷‍♀️
  6. a gif of punchy from animal crossing 🙂
  7. love the office and bojack horse man dunno what my fave show is tho ahaha futurama is good too
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