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  1. While I'm home my doggo, Amelia, will follow me around- and I can hear her little nails clicking right behind me ~ I love my dog with all my heart and just hearing her little clicks on the floor brings me happiness ^.^ Anyone else have a pet that just likes to be with ya and follow you everywhere? My doggo always cuddles too ah I love her ^_^
  2. all the kind-energy in here, is top notch~
  3. seriously a fedora tip to you ! you truly are doing an amazing job
  4. YEAH THEYRE DOING GOD'S WORK~ also Thank you for the superstar ^.^ haha idk why this reminded me of system of a down!! SUCH A GOOD BAND XD
  5. heck yeah it just gets better and better ^.^
  6. BEST GIFS OMG ! Haha I love link too ^.^
  7. awww yeah bestie let's gooo ~
  8. the badges on this site are so fun! I can't wait to keep ranking up ~
  9. Good friends just want to see each other improve for the better; helping point out each others flaws in a healthy way can be good for friendships. It's good when we can recognize a tox*c thing and correct it ~ Building one another up can be enlightening as well- and very refreshing.
  10. People are ridiculous bro. There's nothing wrong with the tiktoks you made ! ALSO I really love the editing in the 1st one and the lyrics are awesome! Good job, sorry the haters keep reporting
  11. idk if its just me but this quiz is broken like the screen gets all shaky on the 2nd question ...
  12. I pretty much drink water all day. After I got sick and recovered- water has become my best ally~
  13. (just shared with video with my friends-) SIGH, I'M SO MAD ABOUT THIS!!! HOW-THE-F-UK Can they straight up STEAL your videos. How is that okay?!!? CAN A LAWYER PLEASE Just take this case, like for real, They need to be sued!! THIS IS NOT OKAY.
  14. do it already ! s5 is so goooooooooooooood
  15. who else is excited for ep2 s5 ? 🙂 wooo hype
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