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  1. Meg is such a creep xD "we're gonna be here a wHile... Brian why are you acting wHerid" LOL
  2. heck you meg you insignificant peanut, my name is Inigo Montoya, and you ki**ed my father.
  3. yeah I had an ex that betrayed me pretty badly.. It was a very one sided relationship; I gave her everything. Unfortunately, I was always a background thought or an object for her. She cheated on me a lot and no matter how much I gave for her, it took a really long time for me to realize she never valued me as a person. She's now dating my other ex who also cheated on me- almost got preggers with one of my ex friends.. (my life's weird) The world really is small haha; long story short I don't talk to her anymore. 🤪
  4. eh I don't dislike cereal but I don't really eat it anymore 🤔
  5. it's unsettling :c I'm super shook about what happened.. they're kinda a weird anomaly of internet history- it's a long story that goes beyond 4chan days; Overall I believe they're known for creating their own web-comic called "Sonichu"... there's ALOT that goes into explaining their life but they've been posting to the internet basically their entire life.
  6. This was the first song that came to my mind// Beneath the Mask - Persona 5
  7. If I was gonna d*e in 24 hrs I'd prolly like, spend 1000$ at dave and busters.
  8. aw dang I love that show 😧 for me I'm tired of hearing about the new Icarly >_<
  9. her video in summary is regurgitated anti o misinformation :c
  10. I'm ambidextrous and I can also Mirror write (write backwards)
  11. Actually started on it for diet reasons but the more I learned about how the meat industry works.. I just stayed this way.. XD James, definitely inspired it a lot, but I ate too much junk-food at the time, so I gave it a try, and have been a vegetarian for about 3 years now!~
  12. ah sims haha! I love sims but I haven't played the 1st one in years! THE CONTENT WAS WAY DARKER BACK THEN O.O !! I still play sims 4! I just got the new cottage living expansion too 🙂 Is pretty fun so far~
  13. some people believe everything they read online
  14. IN THE END it doesn't even matter! word
  15. He's honest and a good person. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. He's better than you.
  16. o.o eh I dont think he'd post on patreon ...... its cause they're convinced that the "laptop situation" was their saving grace >_>
  17. me to the haters: "Where's the apology? We're waiting. "
  18. my hairs boring so I wear wigs cause I dont wanna damage it from dyeing anymore!! back in the day tho sighh XD Maybe if I ever cut it short again ill go with a fun non traditional color again
  19. I just completed this quiz. My Score 72/100 My Time 172 seconds   I did okay! I bet I'd do better if I retake it 😮 I wonder what ones I got wrong 00:02:52 time to take quiz 72/100 You Get a SILVER Medal!
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