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  1. Actually started on it for diet reasons but the more I learned about how the meat industry works.. I just stayed this way.. XD James, definitely inspired it a lot, but I ate too much junk-food at the time, so I gave it a try, and have been a vegetarian for about 3 years now!~
  2. ah sims haha! I love sims but I haven't played the 1st one in years! THE CONTENT WAS WAY DARKER BACK THEN O.O !! I still play sims 4! I just got the new cottage living expansion too 🙂 Is pretty fun so far~
  3. some people believe everything they read online
  4. He's honest and a good person. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. He's better than you.
  5. o.o eh I dont think he'd post on patreon ...... its cause they're convinced that the "laptop situation" was their saving grace >_>
  6. me to the haters: "Where's the apology? We're waiting. "
  7. my hairs boring so I wear wigs cause I dont wanna damage it from dyeing anymore!! back in the day tho sighh XD Maybe if I ever cut it short again ill go with a fun non traditional color again
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 72/100 My Time 172 seconds   I did okay! I bet I'd do better if I retake it 😮 I wonder what ones I got wrong 00:02:52 time to take quiz 72/100 You Get a SILVER Medal!
  9. -OCTOBER 7TH Yeet here's the chart for my fellow horoscopers ayyy fellow libra ! OH DUDE WE'RE SO CLOSE IN DATE DANG ALMOST BDAY TWIN 😮
  10. prolly the "anime" one is my least favorite! I keep mine on space colors cause I like the stars on it
  11. some people have fun and have a life .. some people pretend to change the world and don't have a life .. Eh imagine if we all tried to work on ourselves; instead of focusing so much h**e on people we've never even met...
  12. I keep them but they're defiantly a time capsule; cause I'll not look at my old phones for YEARS then look back and be like, "neat" xD
  13. took the quiz three times!! Vincent 1st, then Damon Elliot, then Cyr again hmm I guess I'm Cyr then :0 i know right, same XD
  14. hehe mines called zero too 😛



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