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  1. oh darn! still super cute tho 🙂
  2. wait lol does that thing also play ambient sounds and nature sounds? Cuz I'm p sure we have the same one (or had, i lost it during a move last year)
  3. Good point. Also, what about the folk who have the urges, but do not act on them? In a reddit forum I read some posts once about people like this. They have the att**ction, but do not engage, and never do. Idk if I have respect for them, like gratz you are not a disgusting sack of human waste .-. bleh
  4. *obnoxious gagging noises* Okay, wait. hear me out. This s***t is absolutely disgUSTING to me, so let's keep that in mind so I'm not a**acked here lol My brain goes a million miles a seconds and I can't keep up at times. I thought to myself firstly "these are closet f***ing ped0s/incest fetish. god. they need to stop this"...then I was like "w8...but if they are....yet they are kinda getting out their depraved disgusting urges on a consenting adult...? if it keeps them away from k***s and their biological fathers...?????" Kinda reminds me of these *** dolls that were created in order to give ped0s an outlet for their urges...er..the dolls looked like pre-pubescent k***s. (disgusting) Opinions? My thoughts are conflicting if it's a consenting adult (or one of the dolls) it is probably healthier. Keeps them away from k***s, lets them manifest it as a fetish and as weird as the DDLG community is, they do often toot that they are ONLY into adults. Deep down it's obviously more than that (duh.), but they manifested it in a safe way at least on the other hand, what if these people get bored of the dolls and games, and eventually move on to real k***s? is that likely? this topic is gr*ss, but i wonder if it's needed?
  5. "my old self must shed" is absolute fire. wow r U srs thAt wAs s0 beautiful!!111!! u n33d gf?
  6. Quite a few! and they were all from the middle east/north africa too. i made friends with so many arab gamers and met some later on once in california once in morocco. arabs are kinda hilarous to game espc if u can understand some arabic
  7. That was cute af!!! Keep holding on to your creative outlet, boss! ~ another favorite quote "Just remember that I understand. That mask you wear every day. The one you're desperately afraid is going to slip one day. You could throw that mask away in the Brotherhood. They want you for who you really are." - Amelie Crowe, Elder Scrolls I am not condoning evil. The quote is just dope. edit; it combined my comments here, oops. I'm still getting used to this layout o.e
  8. Sometimes trolling can be in jest/cute (like rick rolls, etc) but negative trolling just enters the realm of cyberbullying, and those trolls are not ok mentally and have their own demons
  9. (does this already exist?) Anyway, I went back through my journal and found an unfinished one. I think it's cute....do you think it's finished or missing more? " I find my coffee to be bitter in taste for at the bottom of this Turkish brew I see your face inside the muddy residue " Also, post any poetry/creative writing you wrote yourself or just like from another artist 🙂 My top 3 favorite quotes from books/songs are as follows: "Careless realism costs souls" - Nightwish "Escapist; paradise seeker" - Nightwish "I am two women: one wants to have all the joy, passion and adventure that life can give me. The other wants to be a slave to routine, to family life, to the things that can be planned and achieved. I'm a housewife and a prostitute, both of us living in the same body and doing battle with each other.” - ― Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes
  10. if i stopped being such a lazy loser...I was on a roll a while ago, running at a local park. then we had huge bouts of rain and i lost momentum lol tbh you reminded me of som*thing that used to work! thank you! I used to imagine a light in the center of myself and then imagine pushing it outward and purifying all the intrusive and negative thoughts. holy h**l. this echoed. I was in the military and got married to another soldier, and he was awful, i eventually got out. Behavior Health had me on Zoloft and Adderall to stay awake (i was suspected to be narcoleptic on top of it all)...then I left him, and within 6 months was off all my meds and not drinking alcohol anymore. but lately, ive had some frustrating people in my life and i think cutting them out 1 by 1 will help. i feel like i absorb all that bad energy and it dirties my mind, heart and soul
  11. I suffer from t*rrible bouts of anger/rage. Sometimes deep breathing works, other times it seethes and I can't hold it back and it drives me so mad, I could run my fist into the first person who tries me.
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