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  1. It would get very boring and lonely after a couple hundred years. I'd also get to live to see the end of the world and watch literally everyone I love d*e which would be pretty depressing... no thanks
  2. I think meditation is a bit different than hypnosis since meditation mainly calms you down and clears your mind. With hypnosis you can change the way you act/think/feel so it's a bit risky on the wrong hands, as long as the people who make the videos are trustworthy it should be all good. If you want to practice self hypnosis, meditation is a good start but you have to be the hypnotizer as well (talk like they would: "i'm feeling more and more sleepy" "on the count on 10, my headache will go away" etc)
  3. If yes, which one/s? What made you want to learn it/them? How long have you been learning it/them for? Is it/are they hard to master?
  4. Winter!! I can always put on more layers to warm up, but in the summer even if I take off all layers and I'm nak*d it's still hot, I h**e that so much. Also I love it when it's snowing
  5. I don't really like the taste of alcohol but I like to get drunk because I can forget about my problems for a bit and enjoy the moment (even if I won't remember it the next morning lol)
  6. I'd also love a tutorial! I really like his style of editing, it's very dynamic
  7. A kpop fan account blocked me when I replied on a post that showed the artist picking their skin and labelling it as cute. I told them it wasn't cute but actually unhealthy and they agreed with me, deleted the post but still blocked me lol
  8. Being able to experience and appreciate the little things that happen, like a stranger helping you with som*thing, seeing the beautiful sunrise/sunset, enjoying a good meal, having a cute ladybug land on you, watching the rain as you sit cozily in your home, watching an old couple still loving each other after so many years.. they all seem insignificant but when you think about it they're really worth experiencing, it fills you with hope and love.
  9. I fully believe they exist but not in the way we humans think they do. Most of us think they'd resemble us in one way, but they might as well just be a blob of goo or som*thing else that we can't even comprehend. There's so many species on Earth that are nothing like us, so there's a high possibility the species in space evolved in a completely different way too
  10. My parents got a cat 2 years before I was born and she died when I was 8. She was always calm and sweet. Whenever I felt bad she would come up to me and try to cheer me up somehow, I loved her so much. One time when my mom wanted to hit me my cat bit her leg to protect me. She also always waited for me when I came home from school. I cried so much when she died, I still think of her from time to time.
  11. I'm feeling sad, lonely and just empty. I don't know what to do with my life at this point. I have a goal but I can't seem to reach it, and I'm afraid it will never happen. I'm full of worries and I don't know what to do anymore. I feel like there's no way out for me, I just want things to get better but it just keeps getting worse..
  12. Hi! This was a great idea, to add the personality type on our profiles. However, 16personalities is kind of inaccurate and you'd get a better answer by determining the type yourself (this is a very good post that explains everything pretty well, you can choose which function you identify most with and therefore get a more accurate answer) or by doing more tests to see which type you get most (I recommend this, this and this one, they're far better than 16personalities). I know this thread is kind of old but I'm passionate about these things lol and I don't want people to mistype themselves. Thanks for reading.



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