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  1. amazon, never really used ebay
  2. i’m pretty extroverted, i go out hang w friends go to kick backs ect
  3. Never been in a long distance relationship but would definitely be open to it knowing that I can trust the person and that I actually see a future with them
  4. definitely depending on the situation
  5. i’ve only had one person as a fwb but definitely am not against it
  6. i use to feel that way, but my friends always pushed me to ride w them so i just got use to it yess, i love goings to parks w my friends literally on the daily its sm fun
  7. yeah when i first went on them as a k*d i’d completely freeze and tell whoevers next to me to shut because i’m panicking
  8. i make an engine for a trimmer as of now
  9. i feel that, I use to be d***hly scared of them when i was a youngin but now its like second nature.
  10. How do y’all feel about roller coaster, I love them sm and they am addicted to going to amus*****nt parks like busch gardens
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