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  1. Yeah the self titled “shane dawson song”, that mustve been from like 10 years ago then right? I wonder hes gonna do a comeback
  2. Im not able to tell if that’s actually shane or james doing a fantastic impression, its confusing me
  3. guy is completely unapologetic, he truly does not care what people say about him. while there are so many spineless people stuck in a loop of constant apologies for m***r things, like dream and such, this guy hasnt bent the knee once. he can be sc*mmy sometimes for sure, but u must respect that about him. he's resilient as h**l, even as the whole world goes against him and doc*mentaries get made about him
  4. Its so lame that leafy has been banned from most social media and youtube, especially since its so hypocritical. they say its because he made too many videos on pokimane, yet there are entire tea channels dedicated on making vids on ppl like onision and gabbie hanna. whatever ur opinion is on these ppl, u must admit how hypocritical it is. why are some ppl okay to h***ss online and others are protected? sigh, i just hope he comes back, hbu?
  5. hahahahhahahahhahah, u gotta admit they are pretty creative though
  6. now i know for sure its not onision posting these, but why are there ppl posing as onision in paranormal forums larping as vampires? is it just trolling or does it go deeper? either way its kinda hilarious https://boards.4channel.org/x/thread/28928514
  7. i think it would be cool and kinda funny, it would make me happy if he did it also what does he think about the frenemies h3h3/ trisha paytas drama?
  8. you dont know how long ive been trying to have u react to this lmfao, finally. so youre not a vampire?
  9. over the span of many months in 2020, several posts claiming onision is a vampire have been posted to the paranormal forums on 4chan. the users of the site are convinced its onision himself because these are always praising him and speaking very much like onision himself. whats going on with this? lol



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