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  1. I dunno. This guy looks like he's enjoying it.
  2. According to my ex wife. She felt it while she was out driving around with her friends. I apparently slept through it.
  3. It's false information aka Libel. You have a police statement validating that you're innocent. You can go to your attorney and have him file for Cease and Desist. Have a judge sign off on it. https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/cease_and_desist_order#:~:text=A cease and desist order,the issuance of the order. If they don't cease and desist. You can file for a lawsuit next. It'll make your case stronger. Because you asked them to stop. It was documented. That's not going to look good on them in court. https://gct.law/news/WHAT-TO-DO-OR-NOT-TO-DO-WHEN-RECEIVING-A-CEASE-AND-DESIST-LETTER
  4. I've been with a few crazies before. I'll pass. Once in high school way back in 2005 I got with this girl, I thought she was pretty and funny, her parents had her committed for talking about killing people and she thr*eat*ened to stab my friend in the throat if he didn't leave her alone. She showed me this huge buck knife and was acting crazy and talking about it. Then last year, I was with another really unstable woman. I had to get out of that relationship. I feared for myself and my ch*ildren. Som*thing severely wrong was going on with her. So no. If I got with someone who was really crazy and som*thing bad happened to me and my k*ids because I upset them. That'd be on me. My sister is a police officer and she got with another cop at work for a while. He turned out to be really unstable and controlling. He was starting to beat her and he thr***ened to make false allegations that she was a*busing her son and would call DFS on her. He left marks on my sister and t*hreatened to m*urder her and hide her body if she ever told on him. She told my ex wife, who told me, I told my brother who got really irate who then ran to our parents. So our parents got involved and my sister took him to court and she filed a lawsuit against him. He lost his badge and then he left town.
  5. It's immoral how they did the documentary. If Oni had been guilty, it would have been one thing. But the fact that they showed it without a shred of evidence and with false allegations is completely unacceptable. As long as it continues to be streamed. It's h*arassment. I hope Onision can get a court order and have Discovery Plus cease and desist.
  6. Saitama is a funny super hero. The Caped Baldy lol. I've been watching the first and second seasons on Blu Ray. It was funny how he just knocks the sh*it out of Sneck for messing with him ROFL
  7. It makes me wonder why cats would think it tastes good. I got this idea from a woman on MY STRANGE ADDICTION.
  8. I like drinking ice cold water. It helps me out when I've got an upset stomach.
  9. Well. You'll be hitting up 2 thousand before you know it. 😁
  10. I'd try. But knowing me I'd take one bite and either spit it out or throw up.
  11. If someone put 100 dollars down on the table along with 3 cans of Friskies(chicken lovers brand) and said "for 100 dollars I double dog dare you to eat this cat food!" Would you eat it for 100 bucks?



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