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  1. Hey. Wanna play cowboys & Indians sonetime? We can call Repose to come over and chase him around on a pony & lasso him a few times 😂
  2. I have talked to a few pagan women who believed in witchcraft & said they practiced it. I didn't ask why they believed in it or what they did.
  3. Have you been to church lately? That sounds just like the pastor's bullsh it sermons I had to sit through when I was forced to go by my mom. loooooool 😆 He'd stand up there and tell everyone they were going to Heaven and that their deity had a plan for them. Then towards the end. These support councelors would stand up at the altar. Men & women would go to the altar and cry on them and pray to their imaginary deity with them. Disgusting display.
  4. His character was the voice of reason. Everyone ignored him. Their father, Priam, the king of Troy, was an idiot whose diplomatic skills were utter garbage and put his sons s*exual desires over everyone's lives. What Priam should have done. Was give Helen back and try to come to terms with the other kings. Which was beyond his logic.
  5. Everyone needs money. Can't have sh*it without it.
  6. I think the lion and the tiger should have eaten the donkey.
  7. I lucked out and never got Swine Flu. I got Mono in high school. I got really sick and was out for 3 weeks. My case with mono was never severe. I was fortunate enough that I didn't get severe symptoms.
  8. The one with Eric Bana? Yes. I thought it was really really bad lol.
  9. Marvel shouldn't have fired Bri. She is a talented actress. Scarlett Johansson feels like they ripped her off after Black Widow. I don't blame her for hauling them into court. She's been with Marvel for a long time. She deserves better. The Hulk film hasn't aged well. The CGI doesn't look so good in it. Especially seeing it on Blu Ray.
  10. She doesn't and was not working well with her fellow actors on set. None of them liked working with her. When that happens, the studio has a problem. They also fired Terrence Howard and Edward Norton for the very same reasons. They were causing problems on set.
  11. Then you have a problem and have forgotten what it was like when YOU were a ch*ild. These are adult issues and should remain as such. You cant force a ch*ld to be exactly like you & have them strictly follow your set of opinions, religious, & political views. You're forcing them to grow up too fast. They can barely comprehend the world as it is. Ch*ild politics consists of school activities, their friends, video games, tv, movies, sports, etc etc. Let them be a ch*ild. All you can really do is focus on raising them, teach them basic common decency, focus on having a good relationship with them, support them, & just be a parent. Leave religion and politics out of it. Definitely religion. Those are tox*c and ab*usive subjects to force down a k*ids throat and CAN cause mental and emotional damage.
  12. @OnisionIs there a reason why he dresses up like a cross between Marilyn Manson & kiss? I don't understand the guy.
  13. I made that mistake once. We all say things in the moment that really shouldn't be said. We cone to regret it soon after. I went on one date with this blond when I was 18. It was a double date with a friend abd his girlfriend. Friday night. I really liked her. I couldn't control myself being the impulsive moody teen that I was. We held hands and made out. After the date, I told her I loved her. Yep....she thought I was a head case after that. It was over. What ever chance I had, was gone. She moved on after that and that was the first & last time I ever saw her. I learned my lesson. I actually very rarely say the L word. But it's true to say, I didn't love her. I was just a horny teen boy snd she knew I was full of sh*it.
  14. When I was 14. I plotted running away from my father & his wife. Dealing with both of them was taking it's toll on me.
  15. I know right? Gorgeous indeed.😍 Funny. You're computer is having a seizure (blue screen of death) hilarious 🤣
  16. Damn. Can a customer or employee sue them over serving spoiled food?
  17. Where'd you go @Cutiefry aka Poptartbarbie. I really miss having her around. ☺
  18. lol ever heard those horror stories where the spouse quits bathing after the marriage?😂
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