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  1. I've talked to a fortune teller when I was 18. None of it ever came to pass.
  2. King or no king. Tom Green makes me laugh.
  3. You betcha. I haven't talked to my dad for 17 or 18 years now and he was in and out of my life when I was a k*d.
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    I'll come to the bachelorette party. Don't you worry.
  5. Mr.Dawn


    For a minute there my immediate thought was you or @bones was making an announcement about getting hitched lmao
  6. Exactly. Here's what I think. I think people obviously believe in magic. I'm serious. Whether they think so or not, They think if they say the word "sorry" to you. It'll magically get them out of trouble and you'll let it go. If the first "sorry" didn't work. They'll repeat it like you didn't hear them the first time. Sometimes they think if the say it loud enough that you'll let it go. They say it like it's some kind of security word and that'll shut you down. Sometimes they use it to try and take advantage as if they think you have some kind of religious moral obligation to forgive them. How are they not "sorry"? Here's a sign that they're not sincere. They get frustrated when you don't accept their apology, that's how it's not sincere. They think you should have to because of their religion. Christians have to forgive according to their Bible and beliefs. I'm an Atheist and therefor that kind of reasoning is invalid to me. They're just using their beliefs to control the situation. That's playing dirty. Those people are not thinking about your feelings. They're not mad at themselves for what they did. That being the case, they sorely lack the feelings of regret & remorse. They just want off the hook. They just want you take it. Because they don't regret what they did. They're upset because they can't have their cake and eat it too. This is why my friendships fail. Either there's not enough communication or that person likes to play games with me. If that's the case, I'll just quit talking to them; Ghost or no ghost. I don't owe them an explanation. I don't care if they think they "deserve" an explanation. Payback is a b'itch and I'm not giving them one. They know what they did. Why do they think it's my problem to remind them how they f'ucked up?
  7. Tom Cruise did an amazing job as Lestat. He really captured what he was like from the books. If you read the first three books by Ann Rice. You'll hate this movie. They really trashed Lestat as a character. The actor playing him was waaaay out of character. They tried combining two novels into a movie, that being the next two books being "Lestat" and "Queen of the Damned" into one film. It didn't work. It s*cked. Ann Rice, the creator and author even hated it. She spoke out. They cut her out and did what they wanted when they should have made the direct sequel and focused on the second novel, "Lestat". Which they hamfisted in Queen of the Damned. The book is completely opposite from the film. Here she is slamming it. I don't blame her. I'd be pissed too if someone came along and did me the way they did her. and personally, no disrespect to Aaliyah and not slamming the dead. But she was not a perfect fit for the role of Akasha. Her acting was t*rrible. You could tell in the scenes she was struggling with her lines. I really do think they should have did the franchise right, brought back Tom Cruise to reprise his role and made a true sequel. Not this dumpster fire of a movie. The only thing it had going for it was the album and of course Aaliyah's passing gave it some attention. Apparently though Netflix is doing a series. So I hope that goes in a good direction. Ann Rice deserves as much.
  8. Not to mention cyberbullying causes suicides and school shootings. Laws need to be stricter. Anonymity is okay if you're not going to cause trouble. Countries need to impose a way where no trolls can be truly anonymous at all. The government needs to make Internet providers give people an ID tag on the Internet, not their IP Address because they can hide that with a VPN or Proxy, that shows on the Internet and if they go and h'arass someone. That person can sue or press charges over h'arassment.
  9. I'm wondering when Onision is going to get one with a marriage proposal. 🤣
  10. I guess they haven't realized that it's not your job nor your problem to cater to their every inconvenience or need. It's a privilege not a right. If they really need to talk to someone, they can go here and talk to a free councilor. https://www.supportiv.com/depression/need-someone-to-talk-to
  11. I did start finding joy in drawing nak*d women when I was in grade school. I thought it was okay because in TITANIC, Jack drew nak*d women, so I thought it was okay. The teacher found my work. I got into a lot of trouble. That wasn't fun.
  12. I had a Sega Genesis that I played on for hours. I used to play MK2 and MK3 on it.
  13. I totally get it. I can't thrive on having a relationship based on text messages and pictures. It's more of a tease really.
  14. TLDR, it's a witch hunt. If you watch this scene from Highlander, where Connor is accused of witch craft. He's beaten, flogged, and ostracized in front of the entire village, and then banished as a result. It's a perfect example of what's going on.
  15. I like how getting even sometimes shows that your enemy wishes they never crossed paths with you. Right now my worst enemy is my brother. I have dark thoughts, entertaining ideas, about getting even.
  16. I'm very sorry about all of this. You didn't deserve it. All you can do is move forward and don't get discouraged. The right man will come along. You'll go through several people before you land your happily ever after.
  17. This really speaks to me. I would definitely wish for this. Not only this, but I'd also want to be able to turn back time on a sudden mistake in my relationship following the next day. You know if you said something you regret in a fight with your significant other. It can come in handy. Not something I'd wish for. I'd just wish to end human overpopulation because there's too many people. We're polluting the planet, wiping out entire species of animals, burning through resources like crazy, food sources are drying up...over fishing for example. The point is OVERPOPULATION is a major problem. What happens when an animal population becomes overpopulated? Mother nature makes diseases like.....you guessed it! nasty s'hit like Covid 19 and Ebola to keep our numbers in check. K'ill off over half the population. We don't need more people. We need less.
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