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  1. I'm very sorry about all of this. You didn't deserve it. All you can do is move forward and don't get discouraged. The right man will come along. You'll go through several people before you land your happily ever after.
  2. This really speaks to me. I would definitely wish for this. Not only this, but I'd also want to be able to turn back time on a sudden mistake in my relationship following the next day. You know if you said something you regret in a fight with your significant other. It can come in handy. Not something I'd wish for. I'd just wish to end human overpopulation because there's too many people. We're polluting the planet, wiping out entire species of animals, burning through resources like crazy, food sources are drying up...over fishing for example. The point is OVERPOPULATION is a major problem. What happens when an animal population becomes overpopulated? Mother nature makes diseases like.....you guessed it! nasty s'hit like Covid 19 and Ebola to keep our numbers in check. K'ill off over half the population. We don't need more people. We need less.
  3. Welcome. Don't be a stranger.
  4. I had the two step moderna after it came out. Friends and family made sure I got it. Feels good to have connections where I live otherwise I would have had to wait much longer.
  5. That was my last girlfriend. I became really paranoid with her. I thought she was fixing to go Andria Yates & d'rown my k'ids in the bath tub with the way she was acting. I regretted letting her come stay with me because she was crazy. It was the dumbest thing I've done. I'm glad she's gone. She's gonna go make someone else's life a living h'ell. She certainly didn't take the break up very well and went even more crazy. It's still fun. You can say anything here. This isn't a Baptist church where you get shamed and humiliated in front of the whole community.
  6. Sunday I woke up with a lot of anxiety early in the morning. So I took some Benedryl. It helped calm me down and I felt so relaxed. I crashed on the couch.
  7. The look on my face when I read the quote.
  8. It depends on which months I put up with the most bullsh'it. Those will be my least favorite out of the whole year.
  9. Exactly. I'll second you on this. I've given up trying to find closure when it comes to a break up or my divorce. I honestly dont care as long as it's over. With some women, they change their story all of the time. I cant tell if it's truth or an excuse. That's fine. I'm not going to play games. I'll go with this: She was no longer interested or she lost feelings. I can work with that and move on. With friends who quit talking to me. That's fine. My dad washed his hands of me and proved my mother right. Okay. F'uck him. The only closure I'm good with is that I know that some people just quit working after a while. Either they get annoyed, tired of us, they snap & change. There isn't always gonna be an answer. Just accept that it's over & move on in life. You don't have to deal with their bulls'hit anymore.
  10. I'm not a fan of listening to music that is in a foreign language. With that being said. I'm very selective with music from every genre. If I'm not feeling it or I don't like the theme of the song or don't much like the artist, I'll often pass on it.
  11. It is possible that it can work. If you're both mature and strictly don't involve your friends, family, and co-workers into your drama by not talking s'hit about each other or after the break up. Sure, it can work. While you might not ever breath a word of it. She may not return that kindness to you if you leave her or she leaves you. You run that risk of people finding out about your personal and sometimes embarrassing problems with anyone you date at work if it were to fail badly. People always find out. She'll tell her friends. They'll tell their friends. Bigger problem if she's friends with your boss and makes up stories about you and they believe it. Are you sure you really want to take that big s'hit at work?
  12. That's a t*rrible idea. I wouldn't advise that to anyone. Have you ever heard the phrase "Don't s'hit where you eat"? I've worked with guys & women who dated at Wal-Mart over a decade ago and it ended horribly for them. Not only did everyone find out about the break up, we all heard the drama & reasons behind it. They even fought in the break room in front of everyone. One guy, turned out to be domestically violent and no one wanted to be around him after what he did to his coworker / date. He ended up getting fired for s'exual h'arassment. While another woman turned out to be very promiscuous and had slept with a 3rd of the male workers. One of her co-workers came out and told everyone she had h'erpes and that she gave it to him. So no. I advise against making moves at work. You run a big chance of pissing all over your career. Don't dip your pen in the company ink. Most women go online to find a man whether that's Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder. It's in no way forced. It's the TIMES and I think you're trying an old method that isn't as effective anymore. You go on a dating site, you LIKE their profile, send them a message. If they like you, they'll do the same and if you play your cards right and don't say stupid or creepy s'hit, you get a date. Yes, you will run the risk of being catfished or meeting a woman that is extremely unstable that might make your life a living h'ell. But that's a risk a lot of people are willing to take and it often pays off.
  13. I don't agree with you when it comes to online dating. It works & I live in a very small town where meeting women out in public makes you look like a creeper. I met my current girlfriend on Tinder. We've been together going on for 10 months. Just because it doesn't work for you doesn't mean it doesn't work for everyone. I've been on multiple sites and went out with my fair share of women. But yeah dude, each to his own. Young people. That's a nice touch. Some old people are the same way. I was married for almost 12 years. It took me a while to get over it. But it being broken up with or being divorced didn't break me mentally to the point of insanity. Before I was married, I was in and out of relationships. That's okay. Some men completely lose their drive. I know this guy at work whose in his 40's and he's into young women. That's subjective. It depends on who you are and what kind of person you are. Life is a game that can be played differently by everyone. Most people go with the term "hunt" or "pursue". "Haunting" comes off like you're a st*lker or a bitter pissed off ex boyfriend that didn't take the break up very well .
  14. Katrina Jade Mandy Muse Summer Glau Kate Beckinsale
  15. Welcome! Happy to have you aboard.
  16. It's a quiet day. I have no reason to be stressed. I don't know why I look for things to stress over. I wish I could get out of that mindset before I cause myself to have a heart a**ack.
  17. Mr.Dawn


    Love the Aliens reference.
  18. Have you ever gone into the theater and smacked very loudly on your gum for everyone to hear throughout the entire movie? 🤣
  19. That's the problem when most of your main audience consists of teenagers and obstinate bigots who only go off of "word of mouth" and rumors. Because that's how k ids act in high school. Their version of "truth" is what they "say" it is. Even though that kind of thinking is very naïve, narrow, and obtuse. If I were to go argue with them. They'd come up with a hundred reasons that are imaginary claims and stories and they will say that is proof. There's no point. You can't argue with stupid or crazy most of the time. IT's as bad as every other religious debate that I've had with Christians. They always have a "reason" no matter how invalid that reason is. They still go off of unevidenced stories and claims. They don't know what "evidence" is or how it works. They just think they do. It's very frustrating arguing with someone whose already judged you and they're not changing their mind about you. No matter how strong your argument is. People like that who have such a sanctimonious attitude really aggravate me. All they do is look for other people that they can pass judgment on because it makes them feel better about themselves. It's easy to side with Onision because I know what it's like to be put in a corner and judged and belittled. I dealt with it in middle school for a while and I dealt with it at a Baptist church when I was 18 having been forced to go by my mother. I was eventually kicked out for getting in a relationship with one of the members. She and I never had s'ex or anything like that. And the Youth Pastor came to the conclusion that I was not a Christian. He wasn't wrong lol. He noticed that I didn't pray. That I never talked about his religion or praised his deity with him or any of the other members. In the end, I had to leave. YAY!!! Really if I had it my way, I wouldn't have been at the church to begin with. Because I don't believe in the existence deities nor worship them. I was there because my mother is in denial that her one of her sons is an Atheist / Non Believer of ALL deities and religions that worship them. The youth pastors name was Tanner. He was a very judgmental a'sshole. That particular church was huge on their own rules and discipline if you attended any groups, they domineered their "rules" onto you. I was always getting b'itched at by him. He did not like me. I eventually just told him I didn't believe his deity existed. He didn't take it very well. He liked to make Christian religious reference about how people like me are going to be damned for eternity after we d*e and blah blah blah. He and his friends judged me over their superstitious beliefs. While their reasons are valid to them and they'll ALWAYS find a reason to believe that there's a "Sky Daddy" and try to argue their beliefs into existence using the God of Gaps by ham fisting religion in with science and "The First Cause Argument". Those beliefs and arguments will ALWAYS be INVALID to me.
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