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  1. Like someone once said on Game Of Thrones. A man needs his hands. Would you rather be infinitely rich but u'gly & disfigured OR be poor but extremely hot & s'exy?
  2. When was the last time you had one? 🤔
  3. I never dress up either. The last time I dressed up I was 12. Then my mom took me on a street and took me over to this lady's house. She was really b'itchy and was mouthing how k'ids are ungrateful little sh'its. I bit my tongue. I thanked her for the candy and she called me a smart a'ss. So I got into my mom's car and told her I was done and was ready to go home & I told her that lady was h'orrible. When I was 13. My dad put me outside with a bowl of candy to give to trick or treaters. I didn't dress up. I sat out there until I was bored. I just dumped the whole thing in one trick or treater's bag and went inside. That was the last time for a long time before I partook in Halloween. Then I had k'ids and you know how that goes. I took them out last year. But no one was really partaking because of Covid.
  4. Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? What are you going to be?
  5. Do you ever hold hands with your bf/ gf?
  6. Manda Dawn. She's uhh one of those Patreon / OnlyFans g*rls.
  7. I've had both happen simultaneously in real life. ADHD can be a b'itch lol. Would you rather eat Chinese food 3 times a day for a whole week or have KFC 3 times a day for a whole week?
  8. I've fallen in love with rejection over the years. There's been a few women that dumped me. It stung at first, I'm not going to say it wasn't hard. But in the end that was great because I could go explore my options. Maybe. One of my ex's grew up poor and being violated by her dad. Her complaint was that men never stuck around, me being one of them. Because she had severe mental issues that I couldn't deal with. She didn't need to be in a relationship. She needed to see a medical therapist. I'm sorry, I've never come across mental illness as severe as hers & my first ever girlfriend had schizophrenia and she was no where this bad. I'm sorry that happened to you. Maybe he'll get testicular c*ncer and lose his balls. Then maybe he'll learn that there's more to life then trying to screw all of his friends....literally. Friendships are subjective and therefor conditional. From my point of view, the idea of a perfect friend is imaginary and is therefor one sided as well. I love the idea of having someone being completely selfless and being very giving. The idea is sweet and sounds very beneficial. I've been a giving friend before. I've given money & gifts to friends when they gave me nothing but betrayal and bad mouthed me behind my back. My mother warned me and it didn't pay off. You can't buy people and I realized that later on. You'll probably never know what kind of friendship you had with him. You still had some kind of relationship with him. Some people don't understand what friendships are. To them friendship has a different kind of definition. Believe it or not, a lot of people are Quid Pro Quo. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. When one of you fails to deliver, then it's over. I learned that a long time ago in high school. If I had money, I had friends. When I had no money, I had no friends. In your case, he wanted to be friends with benefits. You said no. He ended it. Did he betray you? I'm sure he did. People are selfish creatures of habit. I've been f'ucked over more times than I can count. People preach all of the time that friends should be like family and do things for you like a loved one. Okay, well that's a positive and healthy friendship. But you can't expect that from people. Because the person you're interested in may not be capable of mutually being a true friend. You may just have something they want. Which is why I mostly just keep acquaintances. That doesn't mean I don't have friends or that I don't want friends. I just don't want to get taken advantage of and until I know the person better. It's more of a "we'll see" kind of thing. Just because I get along with someone doesn't mean I'm going to invite them over, sleep with them, or go out to lunch. No. Maybe in a year if they're still around.
  9. I wore red contacts to high school once. No one liked it. I got a lot of negative attention from people. So I took them out.
  10. Mr.Dawn

    I'm Back

    I don't know if I would have cried or screamed like a 10 year old girl.
  11. Those people just want to hold you back. You're misunderstood. You're a strong independent woman who, from what I can tell, has a good career going in front of her. You're right. It's not their place to suggest that nor is their job. F'uck them. I just think you need someone who will listen to you and not give an opinion. You've been through enough people who think "Oh, well I'm going to tell her she needs this kind of advise." and that's really not the case. You know what you need, they don't. No one knows you better than you know yourself. You've got this. Sometimes it just feels better to get it off your chest. That's how you're working through it. I think you need someone. But I think it should be someone of your choice. A friend or a loved one. Paying someone doesn't feel sincere and a councilor/ therapist just feels like they're telling you what you want to hear. Those people just blow smoke up your a'ss and give you med*cation and just agree for the sake of agreeing. That doesn't help. You want the truth no matter how upsetting. You want someone who is honest and you know you're not being lied to. You don't want a bulls'hitter. And it's okay. You're not broken. It's a very human quality. You're you. You're going have to have moments and traumatizing blow ups that are very upsetting to you just as much as it is to the other person. Losing control is very traumatizing and some people don't get it. No. Not at all. You've already been down that road before as have I. I think you're wanting to find answers elsewhere. The therapists failed or they didn't perform in a way that was healthy or positive or the med*cations they kept giving didn't help us solve the problem. Do what you have to do and enjoy your life. However. From what I have gathered. You're financially stable and you're good in that area. But your needs are still not being met. You're alone. Every man you've been with has mistreated you, lied, stole, and cheated on you. They've failed you h'orribly. You lost your mother & that was catastrophic for you. What you're missing is fellowship. That is I believe is your core problem. You're isolated & you don't have that emotional security. No one is there for you. I think that is what is causing the instability in your life right now. When you have that someone, you tend to have less issues and more success. It makes you feel happy, safe, and confident to move forward in life because you have a foundation to go off of. And somewhere along the lines. You lost your foundation. You're searching for that and it is very frustrating. And until you find someone that is able to give you that. You're still going to have and be dealing with all of this instability in your life. You're going through a hard time and you're still grieving a loss. You're fighting all of these emotions constantly. I can't imagine how chaotic that is for you. You will never get over your loss, but you will get through it. You won't forget it, but you'll get better at it. It just takes time and it s*cks having to wait for good things to come along. And I don't think you've been happy for a long time. I really hope you can meet someone that can give you that. Life is an ocean and it helps to have someone to hold onto.
  12. Same. My girlfriend and my k'ids rely on me. So I need to stay healthy for them and make sure I do the responsible thing and keep up with my vaccinations. Unfortunately my k'ids aren't eligible for the shot yet. I plan on them getting one though when it becomes available.
  13. Yeah, I have a lot do with this house. I want to get the hard wood floors replaced. I had my k*d's rooms flooring replaced and it looks nice. I've also been taking my girlfriend's advise. She used to help her dad renovate houses. He's even renovated their house. So when she says "Cody, we need to do this." I take her seriously. She mostly has just been painting because who ever lived there before we did, did a really s***tty job painting. And we've replaced things here and there. Right now we're renovating the kitchen. It needed it, bad and it's not done yet. I think during the spring, I'm going to have the kitchen floor worked on and maybe one other area of the house.
  14. I live in a house owned by my grandmother. I'm the primary beneficiary. But I'm paying for it. I've given her the money to pay the property tax and house insurance. I pay the utilities & natural gas. I bought a new water heater for it & I will be over seeing repairs to the house. My girlfriend lives with me and my k'ids. She was living with her parents when we met 11 months ago.
  15. Perhaps. Time will tell. I don't know whether the universe was created or if it's always been in existence. Modern cosmology states that it started from a single point that contained all the mass energy of the universe. Where did that come from? We don't know yet. But I highly doubt religion & deities had anything to do with it. Funny though, Christian Mythology states that God is eternal and was not created. However, Pagan Mythology states gods like the Greek & Norse gods were born and weren't just "there". I could care less about a creator. We don't know. But it's important to Theists like Christians to have those "easy" answers in a book written by men from 325 AD. Well. If you're a Christian or a Pagan. You automatically believe in magic because deities are magical. Deities just snap their fingers and s'hit gets down. I'm glad. I just wasn't able to believe in the existence of deities, witch craft, vampires (some Christians believe in their existence.), Unicorns (Mentioned 9 times in the Bible), Prophets (Jesus), demons, angels, and miracles, and lastly the Bible. which has not provided a single shred of archaeological or historical evidence of the characters within it's pages. Most religions have a book and someone to speak for their deity. If there were evidence, I'd be a Christian or a Pagan if there was irrefutable court evidence providing that deities exist.
  16. Very true. They get even all right. Even if you did nothing to them. My brother talked about getting "even" with a girl who left him when he was in high school. He was a football player, she was a cheerleader. He doesn't take rejection very well. Because she left him for one of his friends. He talked about breaking her stuff that she gave him and b'eating up her new boyfriend and making her watch him do it. He'd sit there and just entertain these ideas. Exactly how Elizabeth behaved when I left her. She didn't think she did anything wrong & when I was with her. When I voiced my concerns to her. They went through one ear and out the other. After she had called DFS on me. I confronted her and like you said, she claimed it's because I "wronged" her, her words being that I was mean to her. I got mean with her, because anytime I said no, she kept on and on. So me being nice was interpreted by her as me being a door mat & that was not working. She left me no choice but to get mean. That's a few people in my life. No matter what I do. I'm the bad guy. Sick of it really.
  17. I think FF Spirits Within was an acquired taste. Personally I loved it. Looking back now I've noticed how outdated the graphics look. When I was a teenager, it looked super advanced back then.
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