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  1. 11 minutes ago, brittniisundae said:

    pozdravlyayu! 💃

    Excited for the book & maybe a Charlie return? 🖤 Also @Mr.Dawn you psychic, you.

    kawaii GIF by Shaking Food GIFs 

    I now am proposing to this community, with this mighty candy. 😂💕


    For a minute there my immediate thought was you or @bones was making an announcement about getting hitched lmao


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  2. Exactly. You can't apologize for something you didn't do or that you weren't directly responsible for. You can't even apologize to someone you don't know & didn't individually & personally wrong. I don't know why people make everything about themselves. I mean really, people can't handle sh*it in today's society. They all claim the government owes them or this guy owes them.   They're not owed an apology. They don't personally know you in real life. So that's not relevant. If anything it goes to show how ENTITLED and NARCISSISTIC "those" people really are. You didn't wrong them, so NO, you don't owe them jack sh*it. They can stick their entitlement right up their a*ss. 

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  3. Most of your hater base are probably underage teenagers and young adults who have no clue how the law works. They think all you have to do is point the finger at someone and bingo. We got ourselves a witch hunt. 

    Why you do think c hild indoctrination works so well?  These k ids just eat it all up. 

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