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  1. Perhaps. Time will tell. I don't know whether the universe was created or if it's always been in existence. Modern cosmology states that it started from a single point that contained all the mass energy of the universe. Where did that come from? We don't know yet. But I highly doubt religion & deities had anything to do with it. Funny though, Christian Mythology states that God is eternal and was not created. However, Pagan Mythology states gods like the Greek & Norse gods were born and weren't just "there". I could care less about a creator. We don't know. But it's important to Theists like Christians to have those "easy" answers in a book written by men from 325 AD. Well. If you're a Christian or a Pagan. You automatically believe in magic because deities are magical. Deities just snap their fingers and s'hit gets down. I'm glad. I just wasn't able to believe in the existence of deities, witch craft, vampires (some Christians believe in their existence.), Unicorns (Mentioned 9 times in the Bible), Prophets (Jesus), demons, angels, and miracles, and lastly the Bible. which has not provided a single shred of archaeological or historical evidence of the characters within it's pages. Most religions have a book and someone to speak for their deity. If there were evidence, I'd be a Christian or a Pagan if there was irrefutable court evidence providing that deities exist.
  2. Very true. They get even all right. Even if you did nothing to them. My brother talked about getting "even" with a girl who left him when he was in high school. He was a football player, she was a cheerleader. He doesn't take rejection very well. Because she left him for one of his friends. He talked about breaking her stuff that she gave him and b'eating up her new boyfriend and making her watch him do it. He'd sit there and just entertain these ideas. Exactly how Elizabeth behaved when I left her. She didn't think she did anything wrong & when I was with her. When I voiced my concerns to her. They went through one ear and out the other. After she had called DFS on me. I confronted her and like you said, she claimed it's because I "wronged" her, her words being that I was mean to her. I got mean with her, because anytime I said no, she kept on and on. So me being nice was interpreted by her as me being a door mat & that was not working. She left me no choice but to get mean. That's a few people in my life. No matter what I do. I'm the bad guy. Sick of it really.
  3. I think FF Spirits Within was an acquired taste. Personally I loved it. Looking back now I've noticed how outdated the graphics look. When I was a teenager, it looked super advanced back then.
  4. You're welcome. That's okay. I'm sure we could figure something out .😃 I thought all women loved Gummy Bears.
  5. No. I have never tried it. Take one tablet of Benadryl. It'll calm you down.
  6. Really? damn, that would be goofy as h'ell. I'm having Micky Mouse and Thor over for dinner tonight. Thor is a mighty friend and Micky Mouse is a slayer of giants, they are certainly welcome at my table. We shall break bread together and their blessings shall be upon me and my journey through life. A little flattery goes a long way with the Norse & Disney gods. They don’t give a s'hit about prayer. 🤣
  7. Yeah. My ex girlfriend, Liz. I was with her for 3 months. She was talking to other men. She lied about not having a criminal record, had she told the truth, I would have still given her a chance, I just hat being lied to. All she did was lie. She had severe mental illness. She was getting worse and worse. I didn't want my k'ids subjected to it. She hated them. I was afraid she was going to hurt them. I had get rid of her quickly. So I lied to her, said I got evicted from my apartment & was moving in with my mother & agreed to a long distant relationship because her mom lived 3 hours away. I lied because I had tried breaking up with her before. She wouldn't take no for an answer. So I waited 3 weeks before trying again. I needed time to cook up a lie and formulate a way of getting rid of her. She did go psycho when I told her I had lost the apartment in a text message. She was screaming when I got home in front of me and my k'ids. I called my ex wife. She picked them up for me so I could drive Liz to her mother's. That's not all she did. She texted me for a whole month begging me to take her back. When that didn't work. She tried faking a pregnancy test using images from Amazon. My ex wife got involved because she didn't like her trying to extort me. So she called her out on her bs. So, then Liz found my family members on Facebook and lied about being pregnant. She had never met them before. I don't know how she found them seeing as I have no social media. When she confessed that she had been lying and was desperate. I still said no and told her to quit contacting me. Again. She messages me a few days later calling me a lying b'itch. I had never come clean about getting evicted to her. But I was moving, just not in with my mother or anyone else. That weekend. She called DFS and lied, accusing me of b**ting my son. BUT, when the cop and the social worker came over. They had been told that I had the k'ids on me. I did not. My ex wife had them because it was her turn according the court document which I showed them. They knew then they'd been lied to. My ex wife was off in another town over the weekend. So she had to take them in to be looked at by the sheriff. They found "NO EVIDENCE" that I beat or a'bused my k'ids. I called Liz and she confessed, but I was stupid and didn't record her admission to guilt. She said it was revenge and that I deserved it for being mean to her. Then the police officer called me. He asked if I knew who false reported me. I gave him Liz's information, her address and phone number, and told him that she confessed to false reporting and h***ssment. He never did call me back on it. So I'm certain nothing happened. After that. I never heard from her again.
  8. S'ucks when that happens. You must really miss it. My mom had me driving a 1992 LS Mustang. It was a lemon, looked nice but ran like piece of crap. I hated it. It didn't always start. It had issues. Then the interior started falling apart.
  9. That is the part that s*cks about it. He was a bad investment. You didn't know he was going to do you dirty or you would have had him sign a Promissory Note before spending as much as you did on him. Even asking someone you're with to sign a PN isn't exactly healthy in the relationship because it doesn't build trust at all.
  10. Like Homer Simpson? lol 🤣 My father grew up Catholic. Then changed to Presbyterian. My mother felt that I needed religion in my life. She was in between being Baptist & Methodist churches around town. So she made me go to church, read the bible, and all of that jazz. I found it to be very unrealistic and boring, so I'd fall asleep in the pew. When I was 18, I happily announced my Atheism. She didn't take it very well. I honestly don't know how long I was an Atheist unofficially but I can tell you that I never took Christianity seriously after I read scripture from the Bible at the age of 11. That's good. What are some of those many things? lol same. As Jesus once said “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes you get caught having se* with sheep”.
  11. Are you speaking hypothetically or are you making an unevidenced claim? No one knows whether the universe was created or if it's always been there. Argumentum ad Populum, Creationism is a religious & supernatural concept. I don't believe it unless otherwise there is evidence to back that up. The Big Bang Theory is a "theory" that has never been proven. There is no evidence supporting that it is true. Hypothetically yes. If a deity existed, It wouldn't be up to par with mankind's expectations. Agnostic Atheist or Agnostic Theist? I am an Agnostic Atheist. The agnostic Atheist says, I have no reason to believe the claim “god exists.” They, deities may or may not, but until some convincing evidence is given, I have no good reason to believe in "GOD claims". A Gnostic Atheist would assert, “I know there are no GODS.” Which is nearly as hard to evidence as the claim that a God exists. The Agnostic Christian is simply a Christian who has no idea if a god exists or not but chooses to believe anyway. Thus "Pascals Wager". The Gnostic Christian is a Christian who would assert, "I know God exists" which is hard to find evidence to back up their claims that their god exists. This of course can be applied to every religion in the world. Examples - Gnostic Hinduist, Gnostic Muslim, Gnostic Shinto, etc etc.
  12. I found these pretty funny. XD Here's why Churches should be taxed and not treated as a non profit organizations by the US. That money is being flushed down the toilet. They're not helping anyone other than presenting the illusion that they are.
  13. I'm glad Marvel is doing this plotline. I'm thinking that it's easier for Marvel to involve the old films as canon from "another universe" or "alternate timelines" rather than the studio waste time and money doing a retelling of yet another "origin story" that no one wants.
  14. Well. The good thing is you found out sooner rather than later. Yes, it does s*ck you invested a pretty penny in this person. However, it would truly be very very unfortunate had you stayed with him for several years, got married, had a ch*ld or two, shared a house, got an STI, and found out you were sharing him with 2 or more se* partners that he purposely neglected to mention through the years. Now imagine that train wreck of having to get a divorce and having a property dispute with him because he has marital rights to everything you own. At least you're out before more opportunities opened up for him to infect & destroy your life even further.
  15. 9 and this video is to make you giggle uncontrollably.
  16. It was a hoax. Some h'ater fans don't like Brie Larson, they think that if they pass along enough misinformation they can magically make her disappear and that's not how life works. Turns out she wasn't fired. Brie Larson is here to stay.
  17. It can't be any worse than what Elon Musk named his baby.
  18. - If it's family, I have no choice but to hear it whether I want to or not. - If it's my girlfriend, yes I need to know so we can fix it because it's a relationship. - I don't have any friends where I live. I used to have a social circle in my early 20's. A lot of friends moved on you could say. We either became enemies, we grew apart, quit talking, or they moved to another town, city, or state. - If it's a co-worker, they can go f'uck themselves. I'm not open to making them feel better. I'm not their friend. I learned the hard way because most people you work with are in it for a paycheck and will throw you under the bus if it means they get your position or a raise. That's fine, I have no problem doing the same to them.
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