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  1. In the past when I was a k*d, I did want to go live in Japan. But for many reasons and from the things I've read and I've been told by people who went over there. No thanks. I'll pass.
  2. I don't understand how a guy could have a very gorgeous woman that most men find desirable & go out and f'uck around on her with women that aren't even near as beautiful. I've thought about it. I don't understand it. But I have a lot of MAYBES. Maybe it's about the hunt. Maybe he needs to get with that girl momentarily just so he can stroke his ego. Maybe that's why he never intended on keeping her. Maybe it's all about catch and release. Maybe they have a preference and she ain't it. Maybe he has low self esteem. I've seen guys just leave a beautiful woman for trashy looking women. I don't get it. It messes with my head.
  3. Uh oh. Might wanna take a cold shower 🤣 I used to sleep in pajamas. I've been sleeping in boxers for 20 years now.
  4. I dunno. Sometimes I feel like going full zombie in the meat aisle. 🤣
  5. Do you think you could pull it off? Robin Williams did it.
  6. I wonder why her friends didn't want to address that what "she" did to her boyfriend was wrong? It's one thing if he agreed to a polymonogamous relationship with her where she could f'uck as many guys she wanted. It's something else entirely different if he didn't agree and that he was under the belief that she was exclusive only to him.
  7. Do you know why or does it just set in when you're out and about?
  8. The relationship was probably in it's death throes. She more than likely wanted him to find out & leave her.
  9. You still have time. I am hopeful that you'll find a Mr. Right that you can trust to have nice things with and build a foundation together. You deserve it.
  10. I'd do more if I didn't get accused of witch craft. I swear I live in a town that's filled with religious bigoted a'ssholes.
  11. Exactly. She's encouraging others to relapse because they see her doing it and it's a trigger. That's like opening a can of beer in front of an alcoholic, or giving m'eth to a drug addict and saying that it's okay. It's not okay. She needs to be shut down. She's a bad influence on those already suffering from mental illness. She's just throwing diesel on the camp fire.
  12. Well. The good news is Oni, is that Instagram cares. They're deleting her content & she's too stupid to see "why". Obviously she didn't read the guidelines. I hope they ban her. https://help.instagram.com/477434105621119
  13. I've noticed that you've been trying to put a stop to this for a while. And I do agree with you. I honestly would have given up were I in your position. But have you considered the possibility that the people behind & promoting Eugenia just don't give a s'hit? Personally. She makes me sick. She looks t'errible. She looks like an AID's v'ictim & I often wonder if her family & her friends are in a state of denial. But well. Everyone seems to not care as its evident that they're looking the other way. And well Onision. You warned them. It's not your fault they didn't f'ucking listen. It's like that saying everyone says jokingly about her: "You can lead Eugenia Cooney to food, but you can't make her eat."
  14. Cheryl Blossom. She's a cam girl / p'orn star.
  15. I've talked to women overseas and in other states. It's stressful and it's not fulfilling. You really miss out on ever having that intimate, s'exual, or emotional connection with that other person. So I just quit doing it and stuck to dating locally because I'm not rich. I can't afford to fly over to another country and see someone. I think overseas dating is for rich people. Like my cousin. Because they have money to p'iss down the drain. They can take 4 vacations a year & go anywhere they want. I know my cousin did that years ago. He was really obsessed with anime and Japanese culture. So he went to Japan all of the time because he's rich and he's got everything. Then he got married to a Japanese woman & now they have k'ids together.
  16. I double dog dare you to make a video of you mowing the lawn whilst singing "Honky Tonk Blues" and post it on here. XD
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