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  1. As an atheist my only position is that I am not convinced a god or god exists. A Theist cannot argue one into existence. The dumber and more ignorant you are, the easier it is for religion to insert it’s slimy tentacles into your brain. I’m not stating that all theists are stupid and ignorant, but religion thrives in the climate of bullsh'it. With that being said mental and emotional a'buse is just as bad as physical a'buse. I find that c'hild indoctrination into a religion is extremely a'busive. No parent should ever force a c'hild into going to church or claim to a c'hild that this deity is real when lack of evidence suggests that it doesn't. My opinion that the Christian god is a psychopathic monster that tortures & m**ders ch*ldren & commits mass genocide. God m**dered 42 ch*ldren in a horrific fashion just because they mocked a bald man. The deity depicted in the bible is a barbaric and cruel sadist, by any objective standard. God validates the oppression and subjugation of women. Which is why most Christian men are domestically violent to their partners. The Biblical "God" hates h'omose*uals. Theists argue against this to make their religion look good, but it's one way fail. The Biblical God kills or tortures anyone who refuses to worship it. To me this appears to be an appeal to authority by those who invented Christianity for their own political agenda. "God" even sent Lucifer to torment one of his followers over a petty bet. Anyone who doesn't love this imaginary deity or the fictional prophet chooses "h'ell." Such a great example to make for your followers. Complete and utter bullsh'it. The bible did not advocate for human rights. The bible advocated slavery, genocide, torture, and all manner of nasty things.
  2. He's really an underrated actor his entire career. The poor guy gets no recognition. The only 2 films he's remembered for is The Crow and The Three Musketeers.
  3. Thank you for the kind words. Yeah. I think I am happy. I've found someone who appreciates me and she works really hard to show me every day. I've never been with someone so dedicated. Yep, every morning to take the k'ids to school lol.
  4. I hope we get a president that gets rid of property tax. It's roadside robbery. In Canada, they don't do that.
  5. Nope. She was with another guy. The guy she cheated with. That didn't work out so well for her. She didn't want to sign because she changed her mind about the custody arrangement. She went from 50/50 joint custody to full custody, c'hild support, and me having once a month visits. I said no to that and thr***ened to go back to the lawyer. Mentioned that the divorce was her idea and mocked her by saying that she must want to stay married. My goading her made her sign the papers in front of my lawyer, his secretary, and myself. After that, they said it was going to be finalized in 2 weeks. She griped the whole time about not being able to afford a lawyer and feigned v****m afterwards. The thing was, I was fair. I did it exactly how she wanted it before she decided to be unreasonable and wanted 1000 dollar ch*ld support from me so she could sit around and do nothing. After her d'rug a'buse and disappearing for month's on end. I had to take it back to court for full custody for financial reasons. I wasn't going to let her sit back and collect a check with her tax return off of my back. She rarely ever visits the k'ids.
  6. Separated in mid 2019. Divorce finalized in January the 22nd of 2020. She signed the papers after a month of me having them. Funny. A woman that I was with left me because she thought I was lying about getting a divorce when it was in the process of being finalized. So after that I kept the papers as evidence.
  7. Definitely. Sharlto Copley did a great job. "You lil f'ucka! I'mma take yo f'uck'n head off!"
  8. ME TOO! 😄 But I probably couldn't afford the property tax in Missouri on it. They charge from a thousand to a couple thousand depending on the value of the home. It's bulls'hit really.
  9. Oh I agree. My immediate thought after hearing that story was that he was a p'edo'*****. Yeah, most of them are the same age as my daughter. I don't know. I don't talk to her. She and I were acquaintances back in high school. She's always been into people way older than her. I only talked to her because she came up to me and told me that she had a crush. But I never went out with her because I was 4 years older than her & it wasn't appropriate. I suspect she had some major issues growing up. I even suspect that she may have been violated at a young age. Because she seeks out men 3 times her age. I honestly don't think she knows any better. I am aware that when she was 16, right around the time she jumped in bed with the 35 year old, that she was seeing her 2nd cousin, Sam, who was 21 and he and I worked in different departments. He openly said that they made out in his truck. I confronted him about this relationship & I thr***ened to go to the police and report him for statutory r'ape. I wasn't the only one. My co-worker Johnny had a major problem with it. I still don't like him to this day. He disgusts me. Every time I see him, he gives me this really bad look. There's no telling how many other under age g*rls he's taken advantage of. I'm really regretting my decision. I wish I had gone to the police and convinced Johnny to go with me. Sam is a piece of sh'it and deserved to spend time in j*il. I don't know. She & my ex wife were friends and attended the same church together where she confessed her sordid history on her marriage. But I heard rumors about it at work and around town. There were people discussing it on Facebook. But I do believe the rumors because she confessed to me and my ex wife about it. I'm an Atheist. Not a Christian. While I do have morals. I'm very open minded about people's life styles. She's still married to him from what I've seen & I never talk to her. So that's a maybe.
  10. I was under the impression that it would be like Elysium and have an equal amount of political propaganda and action going on in the plotline of the film.
  11. From the first 30 minutes of it. There's a lot of political propaganda going on from what I could see.
  12. I think Michael Wincott did an amazing job as the villain in the movie.
  13. The mullet. I still see it around town.
  14. Yep, and that's how that played out.
  15. I don't think there was ever a dull moment with Charles Manson.
  16. Your perception of them has a lot to do with whether they're boring or not. Only 1 woman has called me boring in my whole life & that was my ex wife. That's because I didn't go out with her and leave the k'ids alone at home unattended to party, pop mollies, pop random pills, drink, smoke weed, go behind my back & sleep with strangers from bars, or have that open marriage that she demanded. All those things she started doing & I was boring because I saw them to be counter productive and that was inconvenient for her.
  17. I've heard of an actual story. There was this girl I went to high school with. She was younger than I was, I'm 4 years older than her. She went to work for a man, who was 35 years old at the time & she was 16. He was wealthy. According to her they had a very private relationship because she didn't want him going to j*il and being on the s'ex offender's list. She openly told that to everyone and a lot of women who worked for him described her husband as a p*rvert. All of these were rumors before she got with him. He owned a restaurant in town. So she waitressed for him temporarily before she started sleeping with him. He caught feelings and they married right after she hit the 18 year mark & they had 5 k'ids together. I just found her whole story consisting of statutory r'ape, with this man to be disgusting.
  18. But something tells me that you've made the first move before. While you do say that you hate it, it doesn't mean that you don't actively pursue someone. Sure, I know how it feels to see someone you really really want and you can't help but act on your impulses with that. It's up there with food. Why pass up a good thing right?
  19. I think depression is a phase we all go through. It's part of who we are and the bad thing about that is this: You can't escape yourself or who you are. And people that say they do are in a deep state of denial about that. Have I gotten through my depression? No, it just goes dormant from time to time. Dr.Phil has an amazing take towards depression and mental illness.
  20. I've never been to j*il. But I have broken the law and had to go to court. In 2001, I stole some stuff from Wal-Mart. I was 13 I believe. My father was friends with the store manager. They didn't file charges. I did get my a'ss chewed out about it. In 2005 I got into a fist fight at high school when I was 18 with another boy. I beat him up. We both went to the office and they called the police. I was arrested for assault and a cop picked me up and took me over to the police station where I confessed to the camera evidence in my statement. My grandfather got me a lawyer & I got a slap on the wrist. No felony, no misdemeanor, and no hard time. In 2006 and 2007. I fell into the wrong crowd. It was mostly dumb and stupid sh'it. We thought we were being funny and at the time. We went out and committed petty crimes that was criminal mischief which is vandalism, petty theft, and destruction of property. We never got caught on 99 percent of those except for one. There was one me and one guy got caught with. All we did was steal a napkin dispenser from McDonalds that I returned. They didn't press charges. They didn't even care. I got into a wreck in 2013. Legally it was my fault. The police claimed from eye witness accounts that I caused it. I'm in agreement that I was guilty. So I was given a ticket and had to go to court. My mother knew the judge and as a favor to her, he dropped it and all charges against me were dropped as well. So I walked out of court consequence free. The prosecutor was not happy about it. Fortunately, none of those things have haunted me in my present day life & I have not broken the law since.
  21. Reminds me of The Joker's perspective on schemers.
  22. What would you do if someone did this to you on your birthday?
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