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    Love the Aliens reference.
  2. Mr.Dawn

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    Is that Tony Robins behind you?
  3. Have you ever gone into the theater and smacked very loudly on your gum for everyone to hear throughout the entire movie? 🤣
  4. That's the problem when most of your main audience consists of teenagers and obstinate bigots who only go off of "word of mouth" and rumors. Because that's how k ids act in high school. Their version of "truth" is what they "say" it is. Even though that kind of thinking is very naïve, narrow, and obtuse. If I were to go argue with them. They'd come up with a hundred reasons that are imaginary claims and stories and they will say that is proof. There's no point. You can't argue with stupid or crazy most of the time. IT's as bad as every other religious debate that I've had with Christians. They always have a "reason" no matter how invalid that reason is. They still go off of unevidenced stories and claims. They don't know what "evidence" is or how it works. They just think they do. It's very frustrating arguing with someone whose already judged you and they're not changing their mind about you. No matter how strong your argument is. People like that who have such a sanctimonious attitude really aggravate me. All they do is look for other people that they can pass judgment on because it makes them feel better about themselves. It's easy to side with Onision because I know what it's like to be put in a corner and judged and belittled. I dealt with it in middle school for a while and I dealt with it at a Baptist church when I was 18 having been forced to go by my mother. I was eventually kicked out for getting in a relationship with one of the members. She and I never had s'ex or anything like that. And the Youth Pastor came to the conclusion that I was not a Christian. He wasn't wrong lol. He noticed that I didn't pray. That I never talked about his religion or praised his deity with him or any of the other members. In the end, I had to leave. YAY!!! Really if I had it my way, I wouldn't have been at the church to begin with. Because I don't believe in the existence deities nor worship them. I was there because my mother is in denial that her one of her sons is an Atheist / Non Believer of ALL deities and religions that worship them. The youth pastors name was Tanner. He was a very judgmental a'sshole. That particular church was huge on their own rules and discipline if you attended any groups, they domineered their "rules" onto you. I was always getting b'itched at by him. He did not like me. I eventually just told him I didn't believe his deity existed. He didn't take it very well. He liked to make Christian religious reference about how people like me are going to be damned for eternity after we d*e and blah blah blah. He and his friends judged me over their superstitious beliefs. While their reasons are valid to them and they'll ALWAYS find a reason to believe that there's a "Sky Daddy" and try to argue their beliefs into existence using the God of Gaps by ham fisting religion in with science and "The First Cause Argument". Those beliefs and arguments will ALWAYS be INVALID to me.
  5. Did any of your old classmates ever reach out to you when your channel took off?
  6. This guy was a d*ick throughout the entire thing. His message to everyone is this: "Don't give a damn about anyone, mmkay?" because he wants you to stay away from unhappy people and don't ask anyone questions. He had a very negative answer for everything. He thinks you should only hang out with "rich and healthy" business owners and if you're not any of these things then it's f uck you.
  7. Hello Amanda. Welcome to the forum.
  8. Like a private school? I know college teachers make good money.
  9. You're an amazing and kind person. I hope everything you've ever dreamed off comes true or happens for you.
  10. It started in middle school when I was bullied for 2 and a half years. I was 13 when I lived with my father and 15 when our relationship ended. I would look in the mirror & I want to be more aesthetically attractive. Because it appeared that none of the g*rls wanted me. The only good thing that came from it was that I learned to deal with rejection.
  11. Pretty much. Also because they're trying to go CGI and it just looks lame.
  12. Well. No. Because people in my life have shown that they could care less what I like.
  13. I'm straight. I've been into women my whole life and I have never questioned it. I've never doubted it. I did have a few gay friends. One guy that I was friends with wanted to get physical and begged to give me oral. I knew right then and there that I definitely was not gay. Most of the women I've been with are bi-se*ual. It doesn't bother me one bit. I was made fun of in middle school, in Arkansas, because people spread rumors that I was gay when I wasn't. That was debunked my 8th grade year. I got made fun of and ostracized as a result. So I know what it feels like socially for someone who is h*mose*ual to go through that. It was a very difficult time for me. I never got that feeling of acceptance when I lived with my father. When I came home to Missouri and went through high school. Everyone was nice. g*rls didn't turn me down because they thought I was "gay" or out of fear that their friends would ostracize them for having talked to me.
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