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  1. i used to work at fine dining restaurant i met a few clebs but alot dont like to be bother but he was deff a down to earth guy
  2. me and shia lebouf ....he came to my job to eat and we smoked a cigg together hes such a nice guy
  3. omg who seen the new pasta maker on tv??? i want one so bad but im saving for a vitamix sooooo if anyone has one lmk how it is
  4. then she wasnt a friend to begin with .....and your better off alone than chasing ppl ....my motto is i can do bad all by myself lol
  5. I think your amazing how you are .....we all have flaws and quirks but thats what makes you the person you are ...we are all living this life for the first time no one is perfect and nor should we strive to be just be the best you that you can be dr suess said those who matter dont mind...and those that mind don't matter
  6. i have met a few celebs randomly how do i post pics on here btw?
  7. men break up differently than us girls do ..... at first a man will think hes over you until he goes out into the world and see theres was no one like you , by then you will have moved on ....thats when they want you back girl if i was you .....focus on being the best you and wait for love to find you and it will just stop searching so hard!
  8. awww i want a job like that i am currently unemployed kinda pulled a half baked stunt lol
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