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  1. Greetings bananas. I bring forth a game I just sorta made up (based on existing concepts) and would love to see if it goes well & is fun. Plot: you enter the thread and check the last post, someone has brought an offering to the person before them, and has requested a specific item/thing themselves! You must locate this thing in your own home and place a photo of it here in thread! Then you may request an item for the next person to bring! tips: don’t post personal or revealing information make sure not to request items that are against the rules for the forum and stay safe! if you don’t have the item: that’s fine, wait until the next person requests som*thing to see if you have that! using stock images from Google to play the game is not disallowed (if you really wanna post but don’t have som*thing) but it’s more fun hunting items in real life so I recommend that instead, trust!:p if someone requests an item you don’t have or can’t find, give them a react on their post! if nobody can bring the requested item for 1 week (is that too long? *shrug*) anyone can continue the game by bringing some other item to them as a consolation prize and making the next request. your first quest: BRING ME YOUR CAT! ^^
  2. Omg I used to watch her uploads religiously, she was so upbeat and delightful. I waited a long time for her when she poofed, seeing if she’d come back and make more vids.
  3. Lying by omission includes failure to correct pre-existing misconceptions. but your privacy is important too so context definitely matters
  4. Right?! I’m glad it’s still alive. Nostalgia always brings me back. I even spent a good month or so on the site when lockdown started last year and losing my job from at the time. And my husband joined a few days ago to play with me 😁😁
  5. So I luv to pound surf for funsies and I spotted a banana for show & tell:
  6. Dang it just seems disgusting to me to lie about it lol. I just consider now that we were both young and somewhat dumb. The problem was trying to bring it up over the years and being rudely shut down for not “trusting enough”. It was years before he came clean, even though it was obvious to me years prior. Life be like that tho. Difficult pasts bleed past the present but are not impossible to overcome.
  7. This is a small lie but recent. My coworker told me how his 8 year old wants to become a gamer/streamer on YouTube. I told him straight up that 8 isn’t old enough to do that on YouTube since you have to be 13. (COPPA, and all that.) the next day, he said the k*d was 13 a few times. the largest lie i caught is a sordid piece of the past and is when I first got with my now husband, he lied about how many he’d been with before (claim: 0. reality: so, so many). Trust takes a lot to rebuild. I’ll just say that 😛
  8. i have a 15 year old gal and she's just a cuddle bug my husband's cat is like 4 or 5, and a couple years ago she had a litter of 4. we kept 3 and the 4th one went with my bestie who moved accross the country. its definitely the cat life for me. lmao
  9. “This is why we can’t have nice things” But yeah makes sense. Good looking out.
  10. I’m 27 my husband is 28. I’ve dated a 28 year old when I was 20 and I wouldn’t promote that now. In theory & at this point I would cap it at 35 though. Which is the same gap. But 27 me is so far and different from 20 me. 😐
  11. ooo here’s mine! pisces sun • gemini moon • virgo rising pisces mercury • pisces mars • aries venus
  12. Well I’ve heard of it since it shows up as an ad on this forum! Is it like user created stories?
  13. I have iPhone 8 still and it’s going well so far. If anyone was looking for a nonsmart phone theres one called mudita that I’ve considered going to after my iPhone has lived out its life. It has e-ink like a kindle 🙂 I find it so fascinating
  14. Yes, he’s a rather good looking person. Def had a crush along the way. Not going on OF though cause not really my thing. This forum is just fine for me 🙂 chatty chatty



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