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  1. - Yeah that's my state & my usual mood =P
  2. Aww!!! Nice artwork! I've been struggling with this - I usually just go to the Samsung store and download any type of moving wallpaper that's included with a theme - that way my ringtone changes, fonts change, app logo's change and it feels like a new phone. When I get bored - I swap with what ever is on top of the free charts. I'd rather spend money on video games then little stuff on my phone. You ever see him sing on the marriage movie? Ugh - GREAT scene!
  3. Back 4 Blood doesn't come out until October...... I was a hardcore Left 4 Dead player..... Is anyone else's skin crawling to get out there in their teams and whoop some zombie a$$?! (I've been avoiding 'adulting' all day today - come on help a white gyrl out =P )
  4. Yo, ::ACHIEVMENT UNLOCKED - HIT THE TOP:: ::Rains clout for days:: =P Yes!!! You understand me completely 😉
  5. Within the first 5 min - Watch HERE Here's my question - if *EVERY* high name on YouTube references to this man - why isn't he getting the damn clout for it?!
  6. All truth ::nods:: And maybe that's why it's standing out to me. Because it hit way too close to home for him. Great things to think about, thanks for other perspective!
  7. I usually don't bother watching anything true crime (or even docs supporting them) because I work in law (previously mental health). See it, read it - literally every day. So I try to find comedy - that's I found Onision ( a few years ago back when Tosh.O would feature him ). YouTube recommends literally anything you haven't seen yet - and this 'Andrew Blaze' aka Randy Stair popped up. Read into the case and watched just a few vids he put out there. The k*d is freakin' deranged.... but some things he states is a little nerve wrecking. He points out he stopped watching when Onision started cross dressing even though he did it himself....this - I dunno why. Really just stands out. I can't put my mental health history finger on it yet. But hopefully som*thing comes to mind.
  8. Has anyone been watching these 'documentaries' about this YouTuber? Every single one I've watched - this k*d lists Onision as the only YouTuber he watched....who the - what the? Why!? You're going to tell me this k*d had an app where you can watch millions of people and he ONLY watched one?! BS! Why does YouTube have it out for Onision when all he's done is prove his innocence - are people really this h**l bent on a false narrative that they'll go *this* far? Here's just one: Randy/Onision
  9. I'm wondering when the dog & pony show of Def Noodles aka " The Trisha Paytas Fanclub" ends..... His show has become trash, his content - not only trash but he takes drama stories and makes them even worse by stating false BS and spreading it around more... So why is he getting involved in Onision's business? Right! Cause he has no f%^king life and spends his time idolizing over Nickado Fatdramado..... Go get vaxxed and spend some time outside k*d....SHEESH
  10. If you Google Chris h*****n's net worth it says 100k.....I am more relevant then he is and no one knows me. (Thank god ) If I had more information I could help **paralegal
  11. This is a topic that breaks my heart. I broke up with a guy ***years*** ago. He was too good for me....I didn't want to drag him down in life. Not one day goes by without som*thing bringing him into my mind and it hurts my heart..... I hope he's doing better than me and I wish him all the happiness in the world. .....I still love him and dont think I'll ever let that go. 😔
  12. Has anyone asked Hila yet if her new baby is Keemstar's? 😉
  13. Ethan thinks Trisha is sane, that's where he went wrong. Trisha is nothing but a money grubbing wh@re, cant wait for her to fade away. If you watch Def Noodles, he literally covers her every day.....simp much? ✌🤣👍
  14. I'm still wearing mine because I'm refusing the vaccine. Over 50 thousand urgent care visits, over 1000 people suffering from bells palsy and over 500 women suffered miscarriages..... I really wish they put more facts behind the vaccine... I'll stay in my hidey hole. ::sings 'indoors' from spongebob::
  15. It is! ::covers face:: I'm really unoriginal and very straight forward. It's literally my name - shortened , Melissa - and and the first letter of my last name. I've been using MelVee to sign all my artwork as well to start my lil' mini brand.
  16. I don't mind the word 'rate' - let's see. cool.dus.niet - I like it ::nods:: reminds me of code, german code = )
  17. I think I'm addicted to online selling.....either that or my life is becoming a gigantic purge of material items. I don't look at 'things' like I use to, s*cks getting old. =P
  18. = ( I don't like judging people - to each their own.....
  19. Waterbears - they're gonna save the NFL ya' know LOL
  20. Okay, so I use to be the same way. Hang out with only guys because I related to them more on most topics. Here's the catch 22.... You start dating someone and since all your friends are dudes they ask you 'hey, I would appreciate and feel more comfortable if you didn't hang with your guy friends in such intimate settings' (example going over to their house late 'just because') - If I'm respecting the person I'm with I'll abide by it no questions asked because I'm old skool and then you realize you have no real friends around you anymore (it sucks but). The person you're with not only gets any extra time I have (which is the way I feel it's supposed to be) - which is not much at all these days...but that's what being in a relationship is - you sacrifice for the long term.
  21. I have a 'judge me' tattoo. When I was 17, I realized people judge others on first glance rather than get to know them - so, I got a skull tattoo with a pentagram on my forearm so everyone would 'judge me' by this quick perception and stay away from me.
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