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  1. I spend too much time but these days I’ve been trying to spend less time on the internet
  2. Looking around on this forum since I haven’t been on in a while and about to make me a sandwich
  3. Me personally I don’t like the reactions because sometimes I see someone post a nice picture of their selves and then you see that one laughing reaction on their post and I think that’s messed up. That person could of put alot of effort taking that picture 😭 And On Facebook messenger I don’t like how they have share your location like nah I’m good 😂
  4. Gta 5 and Minecraft. I can’t get over it 😄
  5. Actually, Nothing really since it’s similar but I guess certain characters is cool
  6. Me personally I think Kevin Hart is funny🤣
  7. the vaccine lower the chances of getting the virus and to prevent you from catching other diseases but the news reporters said you can still catch it and should still where your mask plus social distance 😭 I’m just confused
  8. 7:52am and idk why I'm still up 😭
  9. When I’m not able to get everything done within that day
  10. Same, they would argue with each other then be friends again it was draining dealing with them.
  11. I haven’t experience that but I would actually be kinda hurt like wow 😭 afterwards I will build myself help and move on with life.
  12. I try to drink water through out the day but I at least drink two bottles of water in a day. I just don’t like the fact of using the bathroom every 10-15 mins ;-;
  13. Could be anything 👁👄👁 what if this simulation is a test!?!
  14. The lies really gets to me because really what’s the point of lying ? What is that accomplishing ?
  15. No, I’m the nervous type 😭 irl I don’t like people staring at me lol
  16. I have a little bag with Old diamonds
  17. Be healthy and at least have 120+ completes drawings.
  18. No, som*things just have to end and to still continue on 😭 that’s too much and even seeing your love ones grow old and pass on that would hurt.
  19. - Stepping on my sneakers more than once that gets me heated. -Touching your hair without permission - Always have som*thing negative to say (like keep that to yourself) - trying to get somewhere on time but that one slow person doesn’t want you to get by at all.



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