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  1. I learned to not tell a lot of personal things about myself to the wrong person because they used What you told them against you and throw it in your face.
  2. I prefer Both but I never have a cat, I’m kinda scare to get a cat because I don’t want the cat to scratch my eye or arms.
  3. I see things kinda differently and I don’t mind at all my significant other having friends, doesn’t matter what gender, I also don’t mind if they give a compliments to him, but yeah I won’t accept somebody flirty with my significant other because I see that as form of disrespect especially if it’s obvious that we are together, sometimes flirty can lead to other situations and i know people will disagree with this because it’s all about trusting your partner and it’s just innocent flirting but what if you let it keep going on? How far could it go? And did it already go far? Tbh if somebody was flirty with me I would automatically think they trying to lead me on or get my interest. I know people would probably say I’m jealous but I just see that as a interference xD
  4. It’s this movie called “30 days of night” And the ending was so sad, I was crying for a good 15 mins I can’t even talk about it because imma end up crying again
  5. A song I remember word from word is called “I fell apart”
  6. https://www.instagram.com/lovely_miracle34/ My acct is on private and I don’t always be on.
  7. I don’t know how to handle my failure because it bothers me a lot so instead I just try again to see if I could do better or see if I improved. Sometimes my failures motivates me to want to do better because I don’t want that to be my last results, I want my last results to be better so I can look back and appreciate the effort i put turning my failure into something else.
  8. Im guessing 4-7 hours and I think he gets up early like at 7am
  9. Everything looks really nice I was so surprise when I saw this
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