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  1. I’m glad I made you feel happy with my positive message to you. I try my hardest ^^
  2. Honestly yeah I think I do spend too much online however it’s the only place where I can escape from life’s struggles and the stressors it has. Mainly me being engulfed in YouTube music or tik tok is what distracts me. But I wouldn’t say I’m ADDICTED. I do spend time out of my phone and laptop when I feel I’m emotionally and mentally stable enough to do so. Even then 30 minutes is more than enough before I have to go back into my hermit hole and internally scream for even nothing to communicate. 🙂
  3. I play games sometimes, i mainly play on ps4, but I have a ps5 I play overwatch. On pat it’s minecraft or ark survival. Nothing like overly popular. I really REALLY wanna get a VR set and fnaf help wanted, because I’ve never played a VR game before. I figured it would be badass. I prefer playing by myself, but rarely with others. I like to stick to action based games like Resident Evil or Call of Duty but I play whatever I find interesting.
  4. Hi there! I came to say, you matter! You are loved and are an awesome person! Don’t let anyone bring you down with anything they say! Youre the funniest YouTuber (least from what I know ya from) I know. Seeing your little crack content makes my day, I hope this little message makes you happy. Have a fantastic day!
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