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  1. Ya this is allllll okay , I personally am also far too open here. 😅 and it's embarrassing because I just type stuff without much thought and can't delete it .so hopefully it doesn't mame anyone upset.Because a lot of my opinions are just totally wrong . 🙃 BUT . I too appreciate you being here , and sending lots of love ❤
  2. emo boys. I have never dated someone who wasnt tall , skinny pale, with swoopy dark hair. usually light eyes. accept when I tried g*rls last year. which.... I like g*rls. ALOT . If i werent determined to force stuff to work with my bf. .... lesbo for sure . BUT lately I have met some like blonde guys who seem happy and athletic with decent bodies at work. they're super nice and att**ctive. I am actively steering clear and trying to do the right thing, to try and keep my relationship decent.....
  3. Idk my boyfriend doesn't bathe or shower much.. like every few weeks.. or like maybe once a werk.and says it's good for skin.and hair. But he also used to tour constantly in a band and claims a lot of his bad habits come from touring. He has a lot of strange eating habits and stuff too he says are from that. I however. Shower and bathe a LOT . But it's because I love water. Basically , maybe they like have that opinion because they're just realllly bust or travel and are exhausted. Busy
  4. I really love butters. I feel like I relate so much to butters. Especially k*d me. Idk maybe the wow episode is pretty good too. There are so many amazing South Park episodes it used to be like one of my favorite comfort shows but I haven't watched it in a while.
  5. I saw someone above complaining on the battery life, iPhone, in my experience. I have had nothing but iPhone until now with a s21 ultra. But the batteries start to fail quickly and screens usually go out close to the end of a year and a half, which is why I switched phones too. They pretty much are made to last barely though your contract. I wanted to see if Samsung would have a longer life . Like maybe the screen wouldn't just randomly go out or the battwr would last
  6. I mainly switched to Samsung last month because of storage on iPhone. Its always pushing the cloud and even if you buy the extra storage after a while there is a cap. On my iPhone I felt like I was constantly deleting apps and it was a pain. I agree that it's user interface is amazing, and actually I think that the filters for selfish are better. But I just absolutely hated that you can hardly delete stuff permanently on an iPhone because it goes into a deleted bin. 🙃 even if you also delete from there , it sometimes does a restore from backup without you knowing and puts everything back. It's nice not having constant storage issue notifications. I also bought this phone because I thought it would be better for the camera.
  7. Omggg k***s who are like " when I am 18 I want to go on a date with you . " LOL 😆 people like that I'm like....you will get me canceled eventually sir. If I for some reason get famous. No . Absolutely not . That's a ridiculous situation lol 😆😂
  8. Dudeeee the furrys sometimes have crazy scenarios I can imagine XD. But those scenarios are awful like the swastika .... but it's also kind of funny because random
  9. Mostly d**k videos. But I one time got sent a bunch of uniced cakes baking videos from a guy. There's also the classics. Like guys sending you pictures of money stacks . Like " I make munnnny , disss munny iz urs . You're allowance will be 2000$ monthly. Be my model and cam me." Lolll speaking of which decided to check my insta request lol 😆 I delete them all usually but I guess this one was pretty weird Just adding most of these guys are usually liars and trolls and it's creepy 😳 still
  10. *OLD SPOILER , kind of ?* Those people on the beach disgustingly had *** for days, in a way since a second was like 3 days. Days after seeing it reflecting on how messed up that actually was . @Onision s review made me think about it . Like not only was it effed up anyways.... it was also in theory realllllly long even if it wasn't 🤮
  11. I see so much frosted sugar cookie h**e ! But they're one of my favorites . Lol xD . I guess the double choco would have to go for me. I love them but ...... everything else is perfect I also see oatmeal rain. Most of those are vegan they're also super 😋 yummy, that's the reason I lean towards those and snickerdoodles. They're both usually vegan .actually I think pb is too ( I lovvvvvvvve peanutbutter ) Sammmme
  12. Yes. I mean I don't even talk to my own parents . They were the hardest to cut out. It wasn't because they were bad. I cut them out because I had the tendency to listen to everything they said, and try to make them happy. I wasn't living my life. They were extremely controlling people after a while ,it would make me sad if they would call because they would tell me how bad I was, or how wrong things were , how much I sin and am a selfish t*rrible daughter for going to college and stuff. I think after a few years of not being on socials with them and rarely seeing them we are on an occasional talking basis. But I will never talk to them regularly , or see them frequently. I love them. But they make me feel t*rrible, like I will never be good enough for anyone ,can't deal with it.
  13. I just think som*thing probably exist, just unsure what. , kind of like onision. Those things could be true but who knows for sure ?
  14. I technically passed my driver's license test when I was 15 because drivers Ed let's you take it early in Indiana it was weird because i wasn't allowed to drive my car without another licensed person until I was 16 because I got mine early. Lol 😆 kind of like a permit but I had my actual license. So like ya I've had my license for about 10 years now. As for my car I have one and have car payments unfortunately because I bought one new in 2018 . Right now it s*cks because someone screwed up my trunk not understanding roundabouts and hit me. Few months ago. Insurance reconstructed the body. But they refused to fix the notification that the trunk was always open . So now my car says my trunk is always open.so now I have to take it somewhere else to get that fixed at some point. Since it's only m***rly inconvenient it's been hard to remember to do it .
  15. Yes. People are annoying and they always do this thing if you're asleep : hey Hey Why aren't you responding respond to me now you ***** too good to talk to me? Those people I don't respond to and put them on ignore. I don't block them because they still like my pictures and statuses sometimes.
  16. Ummmm . I had a group of friends in my multimedia class ( I took it all 4 years in high scool) I also love art so .I guess that's an "art class" English because , my teacher was my swim coach and would pick on me to read all the books outloud ( she was always hungover and didn't want to teach lol 🙃) I absolutely love reading outloud . It's my favorite .I got to read all period the years I had her. I guess English and art?
  17. Umm a lot of stuff I love that's super cringy and old. Like I love neopets ( guilty pleasure) I love crunk core/ scene/emo k*d music which is absolutely t*****e and I know it and from like 10+ years ago . I also really love MTG arena and actual MTG . Alien podcasts. As far as food goes I feel guilty eating any dairy products ( I don't necessarily support the dairy industry I think mass production of lives is a little cruel ) but I occasionally will eat dairy.
  18. Loll maybe anything that uses gelatin because it's gr*ss to me as a concept
  19. ehhh... I will messsage you. I did want to hear interesting stories. I figured all the internet people on here would have some. lmao 😛 But I made it about me instead which s*cks to do .
  20. Okay imma be honest but like , it takes little to nothing to be blocked by me. This guy sent me a bunch of cake videos( it was weird they were un-iced cakes in the oven) so I blocked him. My block list is very extensive tbh , people are realllllly weird . but recently I got put in this group chat against like some random person on tiktok , and like I went and asked him his side of the story and got blocked the next day , on every platform we were friends on . I feel offended , because all I did was not believe bad stuff and ask for both sides. I’m not going to just slam other people without knowing anything . Especially because working on yourself is the best way to be good. It’s better to not get involved. But .I think that’s freaking stupid. But I’m honestly thinking about blocking everyone from the group chat too and pretending I wasn’t in it lol 😂. also though side note I feel like people not liking me is a good sign sometimes. anyone with a similar, worse, funnier, or dumber situation?
  21. lol 😂 I love you new friend:3 you’re the best. It’s understandable that people don’t like the beach though. I just happen to live in bfe Indiana . And have only been a handful of times . And as someone who was a competitive swimmer , swimming’s a strong suit and one of my favorite activities ^-^ . Even though beach swimming is way different than pool swimming. Also it’s just effing beautiful. How can you not love life completely looking at a beach.
  22. I actually like that quite a bit too because its cute.... im really good at cute unfortunately. lol
  23. thats like soooooo romantic,,,,,, sounding. .... ya idk My bf doesn't call me a pet name though. I just like princess . I guess he might , he calls me "little love. " because im really small and cute. which s*cks. I feel like I'm too cute and thats why we dont really do seggsy time.
  24. Awwwe I love summer , I’ve just been sick with som*thing and unable to figure out what . So haven’t been able to enjoy it much :3
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