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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 0/100 My Time 287 seconds  
  2. I find it funny when people somehow think they know more about a person than the person themselves. They must be mind readers. "Do you even crystal ball bruh 🧞‍♂️"
  3. Yes cause people are tox*c AF. They love getting on the band wagon whatever the trend is even if it means hating on people cause....why not 😒
  4. I'm back from the deeaad 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️ . Sorry I've been going thru a lot but doing a little better now
  5. Rod Danger 😪 I was hoping for Dale, Dale is a savage lol
  7. I kinda prefer staying in cause theres so many weirdos walking around these days. Then again I do live near Chicago so maybe if I moved to a new area things would be differant.
  8. I remeber before covid hit I would volunteer at the A.I.C. (american indian center of chicago) I was cracking jokes with Tom a Lakota native who was an employee there and he abruptly said "ya know we really appreciate all the hard work you do here it means more than you think" . He always had a way of knowing when I was not doing well in my private life I miss him and I miss that place.
  9. Alcoholic or non alcoholic? Non alcoholic cherry Pepsi, alcholhic jack and coke
  10. No it's not because to call something wet implies you can take the wetness away. Example the table is wet I rub a towel on it and it is dry you poor water into the ocean...now rub it with a towel did you remove the moisture from the ocean?
  11. Must be nice my parents hate them lol when I first came home with a pistol shirt a freind made for me (spary paint stencil ) they flipped out and blessed my room with holy water 🤣
  12. Yes it was very freaky my mind was fully awake but my body wasn't it took a considerable amount of effort to move I also felt a presence in the room with me dont know if it was a ghost or being in a half dream state either way very creepy 😢
  13. Oh thanks my real name is nick I just like the s e x pistols and decided it be fun to come up with a funny user name lol
  14. I also like bassed on true story horror as well cause I always like to think how I'd react to a real situation if a bad guy was after me Oh I love what we do in the shadows my favorite scene is when he eats a French fry and he gets sick haha what's your favorite scene ?
  15. I like your outfit has kind of a grunge/street punk look to it 😎
  16. Nice to meet you what kinda horror films do you like most ? I like zombie movies and yes I do count 28 days later as a zombie film
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