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  4. I told this person that asked if I had a job that I make content and it’s like they acted as if it wasn’t a job saying “are you at least going to college” I never thought of it that way,could be
  5. (Personal pet peeve) Why do people feel the need to ask if I’m working or going to college. Usually first they’ll ask if I’m working if I say I’m not they’ll ask if im in college if im not they ask why not? Well why’s that the first thing people usually ask?At first I thought it was cause they wanna keep a conversation going but do they REALLY care if im working or attending college? or do they just want to feel like they’re above of me or that it’s what measures someone’s worth when it isn’t. I don’t think everyone was meant for the same path , study go to school work 9 to 5. Some people aren’t book smart and are usually talented in tons of other ways I’ve always found I’m best at things having to do with beauty and art..not to mention people think studying cosmetology isn’t studying just because it isn’t college And That’s what we’re all told we should do but why do I feel like people criticize you if you don’t chose to live up to that “standard” Also..why is being a content creator not considered a job even though I’m making more money then I’ve made in any of my other jobs? I just don’t get it man. Im sorry that I didn’t go to college to become a lawyer I can’t pretend to have interests that I won’t be happy doing in my lifetime. Being compared to my family members has always made me insecure because everyone in my family is so studious and has good careers and I’m the disappointment cause I didn’t amount to the standard..whatever
  6. I’ll definitely watch this! Ive see it happen so much in high school
  7. Poor guy..and what an evil woman.I knew a girl who did som*thing similar she had *** with a guy in her friends house when he was at work and when she got caught she started yelling at him like he was raping her. The guy even said stop acting like it’s **** just cause you’re cheating on your d***g boyfriend I saw you enjoy that. To this day she still acts like this happened now everyone hates that guy for what they think he did I lost so much respect for her. I learned women can be pretty evil since I was around so many and some can be more sneaky than men.
  8. Yeah they could’ve been a little more respectful about that 😧 That’s true it’s always thoughtful when they invite a 4th person for me to talk to 😂 Haha that’s ok! I don’t have many either but for some reason they’re all in relationships so it’s som*thing I got used to at some point 😅
  9. Cutebootylounge shorts and leggings I have an unhealthy addiction to them 🙈
  10. I just completed this quiz. My Score 63/100 My Time 125 seconds  
  11. I love feeding the ducks in my neighborhood and they all keep following it makes my heart melt 😭❤️
  12. Omg I thought I was the only one😭❤️ Oh I h**e when that happens I just stay quiet 🤭
  13. I’ve been a 3rd wheel countless times and I kind of enjoy it lmao have you ever been a 3rd wheel? How do you feel about it?
  14. I’ve had nearly ever hair color lol but this is my hair rn (with extensions in) I have it shoulder length so I can wear it long or short whenever
  15. When the people I care about are unhappy not enough sleep can really stress me out too
  16. I drink a lot of water probably more than I should maybe like 8 water bottles lol
  17. I guess it isn’t really a big change but I stopped putting anything damaging in my hair after the new year began so far things are looking better
  18. Usually a bikini but not the micro ones..😂
  19. That must be painful😣you should probably try not to over work your body too much
  20. That’s happened to my grandmother when we were at a store once she has anxiety ******s and they make her pass out 🙁people can be so insensitive
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