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  1. Oh 😮I didn’t know. Some times when I drink it first thing in the morning I get a lot of body anxiety too
  2. I know what you mean! it just hits me on the mouth while I’m trying to drink it and then the drink misses me😅I was just going to say I don’t like hot water just room temp or slightly fridge cold but not freezing cold
  3. I’m so ocd about the temperature of everything 😂
  4. I think it’s mostly my sensitive teeth or if I drink it too fast I get brain freeze 😅
  5. I feel like I’m alone on this but I h**e super cold water it hurts me to drink it or when any ice is in my beverages not to mention when people can just bite into popsicles and ice cream please tell me how you’re able to do this I get goosebumps just watching 😳
  6. I’ll definitely watch this! Ive see it happen so much in high school
  7. Poor guy..and what an evil woman.I knew a girl who did som*thing similar she had *** with a guy in her friends house when he was at work and when she got caught she started yelling at him like he was raping her. The guy even said stop acting like it’s **** just cause you’re cheating on your d***g boyfriend I saw you enjoy that. To this day she still acts like this happened now everyone hates that guy for what they think he did I lost so much respect for her. I learned women can be pretty evil since I was around so many and some can be more sneaky than men.
  8. Yeah they could’ve been a little more respectful about that 😧 That’s true it’s always thoughtful when they invite a 4th person for me to talk to 😂 Haha that’s ok! I don’t have many either but for some reason they’re all in relationships so it’s som*thing I got used to at some point 😅
  9. Cutebootylounge shorts and leggings I have an unhealthy addiction to them 🙈
  10. Thanks I’ll remember that next time!maybe it’s my over thinking that makes me freak out
  11. I just completed this quiz. My Score 63/100 My Time 125 seconds  
  12. I’m kind of bad at interviews I practice what I’m going to say for days and hours before I go but once it’s time for the interview my mind goes blank and I forget everything. I had an interview but I didn’t know it was going to be a joint interview the other person was very well spoken and had more years of experience working so it made me freak out it was probably the worst interview of my entire life especially since everyone asking questions in the interview just stared at me wheels my mind went blank I need advice..
  13. I love feeding the ducks in my neighborhood and they all keep following it makes my heart melt 😭❤️
  14. Omg I thought I was the only one😭❤️ Oh I h**e when that happens I just stay quiet 🤭



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