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  1. Been married ❤ Been divorced ❤ Fell in love ❤ Skipped school Watched someone give birth❤ Watched someone d*e Been to Canada Ridden in an ambulance❤ Been to Hawaii ❤ Been to Europe Been to Las Vegas ❤ Been to Washington D.C Been to Texas ❤ Visited Florida ❤ Visited Mexico ❤ Seen the Grand Canyon in person ❤ Flown in a helicopter ❤ Been on a cruise ❤ Served on a jury Danced in the rain ❤ Been to California Been to New York ❤ Played in band/orchestra in School Sang in the school choir Sang karaoke Laughed so much you cried ❤ Caught a snowflake on your tongue ❤ Have c******n Had a pet(s) ❤ Been sledding on a big hill ❤ Been downhill skiing Been water skiing Rode on a motorcycle ❤ Traveled to all 50 states Jumped out of a plane ❤ Been to a drive-in movie Rode an elephant ❤ Rode a Horse ❤ Been on TV Been in the newspaper ❤ Been on the radio ❤ Stayed in the hospital alone Donated blood Gotten a piercing ❤ Gotten a tattoo ❤ Driven a stick shift vehicle Been scuba diving ❤ Been snorkeling ❤ Lived on your own ❤ Rode in the back of a police car ❤ Got a speeding ticket Broken a bone Gotten stitches Traveled alone Driven over 120MPH❤
  2. Go to is Seltzers , and alcoholic I drink whatever is available at events. Moscow Mules or High Noons are current favorites.
  3. Realizing that the older I get its those who are older then me that scream and ***** the loudest in customer service and then turn around and complain how the younger generation are c***dish and cant be mature.
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