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  1. Amazon, i used to use Ebay in the past tho.
  2. I'd leave the galaxy and go explore the Andromeda Galaxy. What if you could only eat five things for the rest of your life? What would you eat?
  3. A few years back as I was going to bed I thought I saw a creature standing in the corner of my room. I got an alright look at it, and could even draw to the best of my ability what it looked like once I got out of bed to do so. To this day I'm not really sure if I saw som*thing or if I was just slipping in and out of a dreaming and waking state.
  4. If anything I'm the opposite of jealous to the point my last S/O thought I was flat out not interested in him. I still like exclusivity but I'm not going to lose my mind if they find someone att**ctive or even talk about a crush on someone.
  5. Just ate some Tofu stir fry for lunch, about to start my gaming session for the day. Then I might get back into drawing, feeling sort of inspired today.
  6. I'm probably not going to use the Mario one.
  7. Let's try to counterbalance all the trolls by being positive! He has been nothing but kind and courteous in his interactions with me so I really don't understand all the h**e. Posting in the sub only forum because I know if I post it on the visible to normals forum it will become just a troll magnet and I refuse to let that happen. This thread is for positive things only!
  8. ngl i am super debating drawing you as a vampire. would that be ok?
  9. Grave of Fireflies made me bawl for several hours after I watched it.
  10. I'm ready to get thrown in the dumpster for my tastes. First up is DIO of course. Then second is probably Griffith oops. I have really questionable tastes.
  11. My mom called me selfish for asking her to not eat all the food I had bought. Theres other stuff but not rly for public posting P:
  12. I gotta go with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Being able to see all those absolutely bananas fights in person would be amazing. Knowing my luck I'd get clipped by one of DIO's stray knives.
  13. I love her face when she reads the legal definition of omegaverse and she’s like “a lawyer wrote this and several federal judges had to read this” I was talking about a youtube video about a hilarious fanfiction federal lawsuit (yes you're reading that right) to a friend.
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