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  1. Introvert. I enjoy my own company, and exploring by myself.
  2. New friends welcome 🙂

  3. I am the Administrative Professional at an IBM Cloud & Cognitive Lab (cyber security lab). Love it. I am very-much an introvert, so this job works well for me. I deal with the employees, not customers as we are a lab and not a storefront. I went to college for Administrative Professional, so landing this job right out of graduation was awesome! So grateful!
  4. I do. Even if the revenge is just silence.
  5. A decades worth of addiction. So glad, I am outta that mess!
  6. Here in New Brunswick, Canada, we wear masks in all places where social distancing cannot be maintained. Most of us have the first dose of vaccine. Provincial wide bubbles are starting to expand.
  7. You would be the one chained up to the wall if you did this. No! Bad Onision! 😹jk
  8. Always. Could not save a penny of my life depended on it. Single mom life struggles lol 😂
  9. Yes!!! I was thinking more original Pokémon version but this will do.
  10. My name is Nicole (my user name won’t let me correct my typo). I am 31 years old from New Brunswick, Canada 🇨🇦. Chris h*****n and Discovery+ can go **** themselves. Period.
  11. My brother and I are adopted. My (estranged) adopted father once told us we “were not what he paid for”.
  12. Good read Depression is a mother-****er.



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