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  1. I just completed this quiz. My Score 72/100 My Time 300 seconds  
  2. All I've got to say is ... Relatable! This is insane cause I cover mine with some tape or som*thing . But get this ... One more theory ,it might sound stupid . This whole pandemic is a plan by all the people in power , all over the world . To imprison us and watch us and make us do whatever they please , later on . We'd be under their control It's like falling into their trap . But I'm not being irresponsible or anything ,I do follow the guidelines. But it's creepy Anime vibes
  3. That was well put. Respect 🙇‍♀️ everyone here is woke
  4. When I'm paranoid for no reason, I feel like everytime I delete som*thing that I've backed up in my cloud it's going to be watched / monitored . It might be the most stupid thing I've come up with. Also your camera, are you Paranoid with your pc or laptop cameras?
  5. Sometimes when I'm really anxious or I'm depressed I listen some hypnosis videos on youtube . I'm not sure whether it's good for you or it messes you up . I put a 10-15 min video before falling asleep . Also what's your view on mediation ?is it similar to self hypnosis?
  6. That's really cool. Animals and animal lovers are the best ❤️
  7. Even if we choose the no meds route there's always a healthy alternative that might work for you but you need to work hard to find that alternative . But I'm glad you're in stable and better place 🙂 stay safe you . When we ab**e certain things it's usually a cover up and if quit we always find another thing to ab**e but if you get throught it somehow you begin to appreciate the little things and live life a bit more 'normal' .
  8. It's back and white when it's locked but when I unlock it , it's coloured 🙂 I love Kimi no na wa
  9. Meds are so messed up , I'm sorry you've had such a tough journey . But I do hope you find your happiness and comfort zone xx.
  10. I hope you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease in order to keep your mental health in check. I also hope you get diagnosed so you can take the next steps towards finding a way to deal with it . Finding a happy medium is hard work but once you find it you will Benefit more from it . Wishing you the best with your mental health and well-being xo
  11. Never fails to put a smile on our faces 🙂 The epitome of trolling people for their stupidity and ignorance
  12. I forgot to mention the death note parodies they're one of the best . It's so hard to pick between light and L because they're both equally cool 🙂
  13. Meds really mess you up and you really do lose touch with reality ,it makes us feel so empty . I'm glad you have a job that you like , it's like an escape and it really does help even if you don't notice it. I hope you make good progress with your therapy and get to a point where you're comfortable and happy 🙂 I feel so good hearing that you're over your suicidal thoughts and you have a loving and supportive partner . I bet you're proud of yourself when you see how far you've made it in life . Anxiety is so indescribable I still can't seem to understand how it's affecting me ,it is so complex . Fascinating how the human brain is! I've got to be honest I've had my struggles with m******a from a young age and it really has affected me real bad . I went from having no idea what it was to a point where it was replaced food in my day to day life . But now I'm much more sane compared to that dark place I was in .
  14. I've had migraine since I was in fifth grade every doctor we visited had different opinions on migraine . Some went as far as to say it's not a real thing . It's really affected my education . There isn't a day that I haven't had a headache which is a horrible experience. It has so many triggers and the only way I could subdue it was either with meds or puking my guts out or sleep . I used to puke till I passed out which slowly turned into an unhealthy ed . I was also put on anxiety meds to the point it triggered psychosis . At this point in my life I'm off meds and everyday is a struggle. I don't want to seek help ,I want to get over my fears and ask for help someday hopefully 🙂
  15. I miss leafy alot and it was very unfair . Justiceforleafy the lizard king ! The hypocrisy is unreal 😕
  16. I have too many videos to choose from this is a tough choice ! But the video I like the most was the 'taking ten years off my life' video ,don't ask me why . Also the body image videos helped out alot everytime I'd watch the video I'd think finally I know what body positivity actually means . I love the funny skits , the how to videos are fun too 🙂 honestly I love every single content he puts out there ,you can see the passion 😗 . I kept the best for the last, obviously banana song 🍌
  17. I scored 40 😂 because how could I resist those hilarious options ,they were too hard to pass 🤷
  18. I got WHITE which is pretty chill 😂 how is he not common 🤷?
  19. Anxiety stresses me out , it's so hard to figure out why my heart beats so fast so randomly and just random thoughts which work my brain to the point that it's senseless .
  20. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=ziTwhKeigSM&feature=share I cannot get this song out of my mind 😵
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