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  1. All I've got to say is ... Relatable! This is insane cause I cover mine with some tape or som*thing . But get this ... One more theory ,it might sound stupid . This whole pandemic is a plan by all the people in power , all over the world . To imprison us and watch us and make us do whatever they please , later on . We'd be under their control It's like falling into their trap . But I'm not being irresponsible or anything ,I do follow the guidelines. But it's creepy Anime vibes
  2. That was well put. Respect 🙇‍♀️ everyone here is woke
  3. When I'm paranoid for no reason, I feel like everytime I delete som*thing that I've backed up in my cloud it's going to be watched / monitored . It might be the most stupid thing I've come up with. Also your camera, are you Paranoid with your pc or laptop cameras?
  4. Sometimes when I'm really anxious or I'm depressed I listen some hypnosis videos on youtube . I'm not sure whether it's good for you or it messes you up . I put a 10-15 min video before falling asleep . Also what's your view on mediation ?is it similar to self hypnosis?
  5. That's really cool. Animals and animal lovers are the best ❤️
  6. Even if we choose the no meds route there's always a healthy alternative that might work for you but you need to work hard to find that alternative . But I'm glad you're in stable and better place 🙂 stay safe you . When we ab**e certain things it's usually a cover up and if quit we always find another thing to ab**e but if you get throught it somehow you begin to appreciate the little things and live life a bit more 'normal' .
  7. Exactly you end up looking like a joke wasting your time on som*thing that's gonna screw you over . That's why being off of social media can help you stay sane sometimes.
  8. It's back and white when it's locked but when I unlock it , it's coloured 🙂 I love Kimi no na wa
  9. I was having problems with my account getting h*cked . I lost my access slowly ,I kept changing my password in order to keep it safer . I changed many of my details incase it was compromised . But they managed to h*ck my account and change my personal details and i wasn't linked to my account anymore . I got many people to report it but still it wasn't taken down , filled the form to get my account taken down it didn't work . This happened last year and my account is still up on instagram and I don't know what to do anymore .
  10. Meds are so messed up , I'm sorry you've had such a tough journey . But I do hope you find your happiness and comfort zone xx.
  11. It's definitely a bittersweet experience . I've had a few pets too but each loss is different . Death is inevitable and a part of life . Like butters said "Well yeah, and I'm sad, but at the same time I'm really happy that som*thing could make me feel that sad. It's like, it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human. And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt som*thin' really good before."
  12. Pineapple 🍍 ❤️. Tbh I love all fruits 🙂
  13. This is my baby bunny , I named her the moon in my native language as 'nila' . When we got her home the first week was very very stressful because I couldn't sleep the entire week just cause my mind was running wild with thoughts that were so negative . I was always expecting for som*thing bad to happen . She made me feel so special and happy it was amazing . Now the dark side when I lost her I didnt how to react to her death I held in my arms for so long thinking she was just cold and if I kept her warm she'd just jump out of my hands like she used to but all I left was her cold lifeless body . It was t*****e and hard to come to terms with . I got a tattoo in her honour a bunny on a moon that's made of flowers. RIP Nila ,I love you .
  14. I hope you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease in order to keep your mental health in check. I also hope you get diagnosed so you can take the next steps towards finding a way to deal with it . Finding a happy medium is hard work but once you find it you will Benefit more from it . Wishing you the best with your mental health and well-being xo
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