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  1. I'm sure if everyone in this thread was at a party together, it would be one very... interesting party. I've thought about my answer to this question, and I'm kind of embarrassed - too embarrassed to say. But as a mildly strange thing, I went through a phase when I was younger where I was putting (empty and dry) soft drink/energy drink cans in post-boxes.
  2. Here's a reupload of a video Joji put up about half way through his FilthyFrank career. I think this video really encapsulates why he had to stop doing it. On one hand, he had devoted his life and time to being a meme. He made a lot of people happy, but it was all essentially a big satirical act which made fun of the serious pain and issues he dealt with. Everybody knew him as Frank, everybody knew him as Pink Guy, Salamander Man, Chinchin etc. but nobody seemed to know him as George. Jim Carrey would talk about similar things - all these characters that he'd been playing over the years - and how it made him question how different "Jim" was from any of these acts. I assume that for George/Joji it has been something similar. He probably reached a point where he asked himself, in 20 years time, who do I want to be remembered as? Pink Guy? Or "myself"? And realised that he'd rather not have everyone remember him as a living meme. He probably feels that his life is worth something more meaningful than that. Obviously there's no way for me to know what has been going on inside his head but I wouldn't be surprised if this is why he won't even talk about Frank anymore.
  3. FromSoftware has a history of creating dark fantasy RPG's with obscure narratives that require some interpretation and artistic license. So much so that there are YouTubers who have dedicated channels to theorycrafting and speculation (e.g. VaatiVidya). Part of the reason this happens is that the creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki, would read English literature and fantasy novels growing up, but struggle to understand/translate certain portions of the book in his mind. For those parts he would come up with his own story to fill in the blanks. This leaked into his game design philosophy and storywriting, and many of his games tell their stories in fragmented ways that leave the player to come up with their own conclusions.
  4. I've been a part of the Elden Ring Reddit community for a while now. For those who don't know, it's Big Dark Souls. Very yummy Big Dark Souls. We got a teaser trailer some time ago and it's been d**d silent since — so silent, that the Reddit community lost their s***t after a long and arduous process of coming to accept that the game may not even exist. Well, now we get Elden Ring. Yes. All my yes.
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