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  1. All of the "middle finger" music videos!! The last one had me rolling! I just love it when you call people on their BS. And any commentary on literally anything... because you just make make me laugh
  2. I've never even traveled put of the continental US! Have you ever been a part of a marathon?
  3. I've met Monty (From "Say Yes to the Dress ATL") and he is a complete doll!! So so sweet. I've met Noah Cyrus who was really nice! Whoopie Goldberg who was super cool! The lead singer from Framing Hanley, Nixon, who was super nice! I used to work in a truck stop so I've seen a couple from their buses and stuff too.
  4. I mean... in those 20 secs he could have been a complete buttmunch! So at least you got a good 20 seconds!! Holy Brown Cow that's really cool!!
  5. Peach is the colour of my bottle of leave in conditioner! My colour to you is teal!
  6. Pro vaccine! On the waiting list here in Virginia.
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