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  1. I h**e a lot of my family members- all of them are toxic- Expect one of my sisters- My mother forces Christianity onto me and tries to make me go to church- When i was 15 years old when i came out as pan***ual she took away all my electronics and said I couldn't go outside I couldn't visit my friends- Only times I could was to go to school and to go to church which was every Wednesday and friday. She doesn't listen and everytime I try to speak my feeling the only way she knows how to take it is by yelling at me- and getting mad and not understanding. She called me a slut at age of 16 because I wore eyeliner and she asked if i was trying to look like a stripper- I'm not there anymore I'm away from there but she took a toll onto me for many many years- thank god I live with a friend now 🙂 (I don't have a father- I never met him i was a one night stand)
  2. Ooo good question! mine would have to be- leon because he is chill he really from danganronpa 1- basic from danganronpa 2 i'd say Hiyoko and im still in the midist of watching the 3rd one so don't got a danganronpa 3 favorite character!
  3. Ngl- IT 2 was pretty good but- I have to go with SAW-
  4. Lincoln 'L.J.' Burrows, Jr. (p*****n Break). 80% match



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