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  1. Good Citizen Records on Twitter has been releasing all the records on you. They request and release. They released these yesterday when they became available. Repzilla is exactly like the rest of them. Rips off content, history of h***ssing mentally unwell people, and ******. They are all peas in a rotten pod.
  2. I get the motive, I was more being rhetorical. It's hard to fathom that people are so vile. I'm trained in human behavior and understanding motive still doesn't take the sting out of humanity. There should be laws around public allegations that are broader than just slander. The legal system hasn't caught up with media and its far too easy to destroy lives and livlihoods without the preponderance of evidence.
  3. I am a s*xual trauma survivor to the level I can't get into because the details would literally identify who I am. I can't for the life me understand any human who lies about that level of pain. I can't understand this culture of completely ruining your prosecution chances by taking a legitimate case to some half wit You tuber instead of to the proper avenues. Even if you don't trust police, there are dozens of better places more appropriate to report than some YouTube "influencer". The whole You Tube version of "me too" and YouTube social accountability is some of the most tox*c and damaging stuff I have ever seen. Once someone is saddled with a severe life altering accusation, it follows them for life. People seem to think that type of punishment is fitting for the simple "crime" of not liking someone. The culture simply can not persist like this.
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 63/100 My Time 187 seconds  
  5. I helped a fellow professional leave her ab**ive partner who worked in law enforcement. He went after my reputation for years both online and in real life. They made a website dedicated to hating me, st*lked my home and workplace, wrote me bunk tickets. It was a living nightmare. It finally came to a legal head. I used to have a larger online presence as well and was popular for my work offline but now I stay low key and trust no one.
  6. Chris Scamsen has a warrant yet again. This time for failing to provide subpoenaed evidence in another case he's involved in. I've been investigating Scamsen for years and his problematic behaviours would make anyone else unemployable. If people can't see his patterns by this point they are clearly willfully ignorant for the purposes of entertainment, or for the miniscule amount of money he can still make.
  7. This is literally your own content used to portray claims not founded in a court of law and then they literally strike you on your own copyrighted material. I have no words...
  8. I lost my doggo of 15.5 years one week ago today. He was my coworker and best friend. We've traveled the world together. Losing him 90 days after my best friend's s******e has been a crushing blow. I have a memorial fountain and a garden where I can sit and be peaceful with his headstone. I've also lost my Father and many friends. Each experience I've had to lean on loved ones, talk it out, make memory albums, eat, hydrate, go for walks, cry. These recent blows are hard though and I feel dark.
  9. I've lost far too many people. My father to homicide at age 17, numerous close friends to car accidents and illness. My best friend in March 2021 to intentional od. I take nothing for granted ever.
  10. In my profession I see pregnancy used as a means to control women and keep them in trafficking and ab**e situations. I've also seen ****, incest, and pregnancy resultant from c***d marriage. I've also seen circ*mstances where the fetus is so damaged from drug/alcohol use and/or malnourishment due to homelessness and marginalization that ******** is the humane choice. This is why pro choice is vital. There are also ofcourse medical considerations and complications. I also agree that the creation of human life should be taken seriously and men should have a voice. I watched my brother be devastated when his girlfriend chose a later term ********. He wanted that c***d and offered to raise it fully and pay for it.Those type of scenarios would be heart breaking for the man. I've also seen men be lied to about women being on reliable birth control. This topic is heavily nuanced and unfortunately laws are not always great at covering nuance.
  11. The fact remains that you have not been arrested or charged so I can not understand how it is legal for a multiple time con artist like h*****n to do a doc*mentary based on allegations. Even if people have moral objections with your dating history or life choices that should never be a blank cheque to destroy your life. Stay grounded in who and what you know to be safe. Hang in there .
  12. I too am 90 years old. How have I not seen this? Oh the nostalgia vibes.
  13. I don't think ideals exist with the human condition but the things I cherish about my relationship are honestly, vulnerability, commitment, and laughter. I know I have a best friend and partner and a soft place to land when the world is hard and they have the same in me. Communicating and evolving together is also super important
  14. It's a bizarre rumour because even if you did get plastic surgery and that's what you needed to feel great about yourself it really is your body and your choice and none of their business.
  15. I think a lot about the Fermi Paradox that either we are the first past the post or the last which is such a lonely consideration. I would love to hope there is more sentient life than us and that is does better than us. What we know about intelligent life is its propensity to destroy itself. Hopefully that principle isn't galactic.



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