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  1. Me and my dudes fights are usually about something that doesn’t even matter. Both of us wanna be right but usually we’re either both wrong or both right in different ways. If it gets too heated I tend to try to disengage, because I know when I get super mad I lose control of my mouth and say really mean things that don’t need to be said.
  2. my two ultimate celeb crushes, Fairuza Balk and Alexander Skarsgard
  3. Not today, Satan I think we should be done Gemini, this month is a great time to see if y’all are available, but watch out for people who want a little more than that too.
  4. Yeaaahhhh buddy. I’m actually slipping back down into a depressive slump rn and it’s ballllsssssssss i just try to do small things that I know make me feel nice, whether that’s making a warm drink or doing something nice for a friend or what have you. I’ve learned by now that the slumps never last forever and sometimes all you can do is ride them out and try your best to keep your head above water
  5. 1. Halloween by Aqua lmfaoooo 2. not really. I’m easily startled so jumpscares get me easy, but other than that I’m only really scared of ghosts. 3. Absolutely 4. it depends on what the movie was about. If ghosts then yes lmao 5. black cat all day errdayyyyy
  6. Been with my dude 8 years now. We’re not married, not engaged, but have lived together for most of our relationship.
  7. Well, my mom, youngest sibling, and step dad all live 12 hours away so I don’t ever get to see them. I think I’d be closer with them if they were…well, closer lmao. My younger sister lives in the same state as me but we’re kinda on bad terms atm. We used to be really close tho. my bio-dad is dead to me, has been for the past 7 years. As for the rest of my family, I’m not super close with them either. when I do get to see my parents and youngest sib, it’s really fun. We go out to eat, do escape rooms, see movies. It’s really nice. I miss them a lot.
  8. I can’t come to work today because I’m gonna have a lot to work with and I’m so sorry for that but I’m just not trying anything to work with you. LMAO Nobody knows this but it’s just not that good thing for you. Tonight I will hop on my broom and get ready to head over there tomorrow.
  9. I am the exact same way! I’m trying to work myself up to it
  10. I have one, a halo of the sun on my upper back
  11. My first job was Subway. Never did escape the food industry.
  12. I drink super rarely, and when I do my drink of choice is a Long Island iced tea followed by Natty Boh. as for non alcoholic, I guess sprite and corn silk tea are my favs
  13. I guess I’ll toss one up on in here
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