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  1. I spent a lot of my ch*ldhood living with roaches, and I’m good I’ll take the ghost 100%
  2. I always tip, even if it’s been subpar service. After working with delivery drivers for 10+ years, which is similar to servers but also different, I’ve seen firsthand how demoralizing getting stiffed can be for employees who are paid much less and rely on tips to make most of their living. Also, there can be things beyond the servers control that lead to a less than perfect experience and its unfair to take pay away from them because of things that they couldn’t control or change. I really think there needs to be an overhaul in how servers and delivery drivers are paid.
  3. This is def unpopular opinion but anime
  4. My deadbeat dad, and this one ex who kept calling my parents house years after we broke up and saying awful things about my siblings
  5. I just completed this quiz. My Score 21/100 My Time 71 seconds  
  6. I haven’t spoken to my sperm donor in 8 years, and I think the longest I didn’t talk to my mom was a year
  7. As a papa Johns employee I can confirm that there are tears in every pizza
  8. As a consumer? For me, pepperoni. As an employee of a pizza place? Still pepperoni. Especially in summer, trying to separate and place all those slimy meat slices is torture.
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