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  1. The death penalty will not bring back loved ones ,it's useless
  2. So so..I can survive on what I can do
  3. Have you ever heard of the Keddie m**ders or the West Memphis Three??? Keddie m**ders: Sue ,John and Tina Sharp and their friend Dana Wingate were m**dered no one was convicted of the m**ders. West Memphis Three: Damian Echols Jason Baldwin and Jesse Misskelley were put on trail and lost of the m**ders of Steven Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore .later DNA evidence proved Damian, Jesse and Jason were innocent, but it took the Alford plea to release them. It's a on going investigation .
  4. Brams, Mozart and Wagner (pronounced Vag-ner) And when I am beyond pissed Metallica Slayer and Dio
  5. He has been through a nightmare and he still can smile, his honesty of course, his humor 😄 His Emo Charlie character is my favorite and all his funny videos made me laugh when I was sad Thank you Onision
  6. I am have never believed any of it. I can't see you or k*i doing any harm to anyone.
  7. Eating sugar when I'm not supposed to I'm a diabetic.
  8. I personally don't think we need to get those, but I've noticed when people who have find out you haven't they back away from you. I'm still at a crossroad with the issue.
  9. I was there but my room is in the back of the house. They actually followed the lady that runs the house when picking up the 20 year old from his job. It happened They were after the 20 year old because the week before he had shot up their house. He got kicked out of here. I live in San Bernardino,there's always gun shots. As to your question..yes it was gang related. They followed the lady after she picked up the k*d(20 year old )from his job. Come to find out that same k*d had a week prior shot up a member of a rival gang house.
  10. Kratos sitting on our friend
  11. Because l am a diabetic I have to drink lots of it.
  12. Landslide..Stevie Nick



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