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  1. I do. Especially when I think of passed family and friends.
  2. I'd confront them, but calm and cool. If it gets to a point where it gets to a boiling point. I would try and walk away first.
  3. Town is Fussen, not Fussed lol
  4. I'm not vaccinated, not that I'm against or for, just haven't been yet. If I must then I will. I do wear masks out, carry sanitizer
  5. My grandmothers sat down next to me and we seemed to be there talking for a long time.
  6. No one and I mean no one wants me on any road in any state or country. Never learned to drive.
  7. Of course I would no doubt, let's just say if there is a h**l he's in it. But I don't start off hating, there's too much of that going around. Especially now a days with all what's going on.
  8. It's in Germany near a town called Fussed
  9. I'm doing as much as I can for the moment, trying to get things ready for a two day away to a hotel because the house needs to be tented. I will check in and post
  10. Well I would hate him he was evil. But for other people I don't judge until I've met them.
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