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  1. Going to sleep after seeing Yungblud with my daughter and my best friend, such an amazing night!!
  2. This one as it's sooo out of my comfort zone, but I felt good.
  3. Why thankyou. I'm an unsure what I'd do with you. You seem like a very complex and interesting person so hopefully have a cool conversation. Unless you were calling me fat by giving me the fat free sweets? 🤣
  4. Yes I've tried it, yes it helped my anxiety and sleep.
  5. Take a look at this book together, it combines Alice In Wonderland and my home town. 😁
  6. This was on when I went on a caravan holiday with my parents when I was little. I can't remember how old I was, but I know my brother wasn't around yet so probably about 8. I was absolutely terrified of it, when I went to bed every slight noise the caravan was making freaked me out and I couldn't sleep all night, I think I cried aswell. 😅
  7. I preferred Nikelodeon and Cartoon Network. But I remember watching Boy Meets World, Sister Sister, Brotherly Love and That's So Raven.
  8. "Your voice was the soundtrack of my Summer." I love that 💝
  9. I wish I could have a big one in my life. 🤣 Is this real life? Is this just the way that we can get a better understanding? Caught in a bit of a mess, no escape from me. 😅 So, bye bye for now. Drove my bike to the airport, but the flight was pretty bad. 🙃 My milkshake is hard and so much more, do you want to come over and see me? 😅 I have the magic power of the time and the power of the night. 🤷‍♀️ You should hire me because I am not a good person. 🤣
  10. Aww my Willow has the M on her forehead too, I love tabby markings 😍
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