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  1. I really have no idea what I'd do. I used to love flirting, but now it feels wrong. When people ask "So why don't you have a boyfriend then?" I feel so awkward too, like what am I meant to say? "I do have a boyfriend, but he's dead." I don't f***ing know. I miss affection and I miss good morning/goodnight texts, someone to share my day with, cook with, binge a Netflix series with in one night, silly things I know. But, can I ever have that again without feeling guilty? I do not know.
  2. They are not classics in the slightest, but my two favourite books are We Need To Talk About Kevin and The Virgin S uicides. Ohh, and when I was little it was The Faraway Tree. 😍
  3. It's my Auntie's birthday November the first, so we usually have a Halloween themed party the day before. I'll be wearing my usual unimaginative costume of 'Miss Living Dead' 🤣. I'm a little excited to see this haha.
  4. It's only been 5 months since my boyfriend d ied and I feel like people think I should be over it already. I am trying my best but some people tell me to 'stop living in the past', it's like they don't understand that my whole future has changed now too.
  5. Quarantine Hug GIF by ZombiUnicorn

    @ZombiesAteCharley You win the biggest hug tonight. 🌟💕 A truly awesome person. Much love, my friend 🌟

    1. ZombiesAteCharley


      @brittniisundae Aww! Well that was lovely to wake up to 🥰 much love to you too, beautiful soul.💝

      Sailor Moon Hug GIF

  6. Today I didn't feel like doing anything. I just wanted to lay in my bed. Didn't feel like picking up the phone (Do I ever? 😅), so leave your message at tone. Cause today I swear I've not done anything, nothing at all. 🤣🤷‍♀️
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