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  1. Black ink. I love that song too much lmao. I also like alien invasion song. I’m so emo has a special place in my heart. No one will remember your name is good.
  2. I agree with this. I’m still young and have experienced the bitter feeling of going insane. I’ve learned from experience that I prefer being alone most of the time. Relationships add a layer of stress and waiting for the right person is most definitely important. I’m young and I chased boys to no end in the past. With age I’ve gained some perspective but I’m still learning everyday. Studying philosophy is my favorite thing to do, a college class sparked my interest in the subject. I have had lots of people chase me even, but I end up rejecting them simply because the vibe is never right. It’s better to be patient when it comes to relationships in my opinion. And being single also has perks, that’s why I prefer it.
  3. I think I changed my mind about being conservative when I started getting interested in satanism which is recent for me. Politics aren’t my strong suit but I find them interesting. I’ve been taught a lot about politics. But people always end up hating me after, conservatives are usually mean. I don’t wanna be a part of that. I was always more of a libertarian.
  4. I am interested in satanism. What’s your opinion on that?
  5. I hate the masks but I think it’s necessary. Especially for those who are not vaccinated yet.
  6. A public message in my own feed. I’m not interesting. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy onision.net! Whoa I love it. Fancy and deep. 10/10. 

  7. No I just meant hopefully I won’t ruin for myself this time. I enjoy this site.
  8. Idk anymore. But I love this site. I’m happy to be here so hopefully I won’t ruin it this time.
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