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  1. Oh yeah, that movie "Freddy Got Fingered" is gold.. bought it on dvd and must have watched it about 10 times. This legend isn't really a comedian but can make me laugh so much. I'm leftie progressive and can understand people can find him offensive, but come on.. how can you listen and watch this and not laugh?
  2. Most scientists think there are enough reasons to assume there was something like a big bang. Maybe they're wrong and scientists of the future will have a laugh with that theory, who knows? A universe that has always been there also doesn't make sense from a human perspective since we can't wrap our head around something that has always existed, common sense says everything had to have a biginning somewhere. Definitely don't buy creationism in a religious, supernatural concept.. "supernatural" would just be something our current science hasn't discovered yet. Agnostic atheist.. the Gods we have in our religions are mostly human imagination.
  3. Take science more seriously but would say I'm agnostic rather than atheist because there's so much we don't know yet. Change one little thing in the cosmological constants (laws of nature) and life wouldn't be possible in the universe. So it looks like this universe is precisely fine-tuned to make life possible, which would suggest there is a fine-tuner. If there would be something like a God it would be so beyond our monkey brains we can't even begin to imagine what it would be like.
  4. Much respect to Bill Hicks.. like George Carlin even more...
  5. Belgium... live close to the beach these days. Used to live close to the capital (Brussels) There are beggars in the street there... gave them some money now and then.. not once have I slammed dog s***t in their faces.. cause I have RESPECT like that.
  6. Don't assume too much you have insights about others while you don't even fully understand yourself. I'm a fan of Carl Jung, if you get into his work you'll find out it's not that simple... It's really important to not only see the dark side in others, but also think about we have a dark side in ourself...
  7. You have a point, but most people can't get through without at least one good friend or family member. In my darkest moments I kept going on for my mother, without her I wouldn't be here anymore.
  8. No, never been to China.. how is life there? I like Chinese art, food etc.. but there are issues when it comes to politics.
  9. Pfizer... I don't see a reason to be anti-vaccination if you're a rational person. Alex Jones and other conspiracy nuts are anti-vax, but if you take that seriously I'd suggest to get some psychiatric help. Not that I hate Alex Jones, can't hate someone who can make me laugh so much.
  10. You asked "Is there something that helped you deal with that absence of closure or have you still not moved on?" So in response I said this helps me to deal with it. By thinking about a universe that's so much older and bigger than we can even imagine I'm like "try not to take things too personally, we're only here for a blink of an eye".
  11. People can be very difficult to understand, scientists say the human brain is the most complex "stuff" in the universe as far as we know. I like to wonder, watch docu's, lectures etc about cosmology, ancient history, psychology, philosophy, mysticism... I'm not a fan of new age spirituality because that's more like escapism imo. But if you just search for info about cosmology that's already mystical by itself.. so about 13.8 billion years ago the universe began and somehow this lead to us being here. This is one of my favorite classic videos, maybe it'll blow your mind too...
  12. BLACK INK (Death Note Themed Music Video) is pretty cool. And the Potato Song is hilarious.
  13. Well, what you say looks reasonable although I think relationships at work can go well if both persons are sane enough. At this point in my life I just don't feel like forcing it, so basically too lazy to do much effort to get a partner.
  14. She makes art and bought that orange octopus. Guess it's ok to show her instagram.. Bianca's Creative di*ord*r (@biancascreativedi*ord*r) • Instagram-foto's en -video's
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