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  1. b**ch please, how should I start? Me passing out randomly started a few years ago. My first time in public was right before starting first season examns. I was stressed, tired and my stomach was hurting, it was during a thermodynamic class. The thing is, I was in the bathroom with a college after passing out and I was still trembling, I could not see properly and I denied taking an ambulance because I was concience, dizzy and feeling sick, but it was not that hardcore. (I am usually against getting an ambulance when I pass out because more stress is just not a good thing) I remember I wanted to train that day but I could not barely stand up so I went home I ate pretty well and slept like a baby. The day after that event my stomach was depleted and I got scared xDD. Other random times , me havind a shower then someone enters the bathroom, if I get too nervous and the water is too hot I'm passing out for sure. After training /doing long distance mountain walks , no matter how many water I've drunk, no matter how many Sweet treats I've had, this year, after exercising "too much" if I sit down , I'm passing out or not having a seizure but been really out for a couple hours . It's a bit frustrating , I never noticed before because I used to train right before sleeping so I thought that passing out, was sleeping, but I've realized, that, this year, as I've been a lot of time in bed, for me oong distance walks now feel like hardcore resistance training and, I've realized that I, don't fall asleep, I black out. It was pretty funny because when I used to arrive at night at home I wondered how I could not barely stand up for peeing after I fall in the bed, and it was in fact because of that. Other times I start feeling sleepy, and it is more like not being fully aware of my surroundings. Then we have this year that has been more like "let's see if today you don't black out" I remember a few months before having the hardcore issues, I was with a wisdom tooth infected and I was in so so much pain while studying that I felt like passing out. When I went home I had literally to fight against falling off because of the level of pain I was suffering and my permanent dizziness horrible day , unfortunately raining 😹😹😹 and one of my colleagues wondering what was going on while I was walking in a weird way. Also after one exam, I started having stomach pain and while I was with my friends after having dinner I blacked out hardcore feeling like puking but I could not. It was just so much pain in my body that I even got nauseas. I usually get dizzy when I stand up , I used to try to hold myself from passing out, but it's worst so If I am at home and the bed is near, I will not "try to hold it" If I forget to take a thing that I have to take for this issue , I am for sure going to be passing out randomly if I am doing my normal life xD This is a song of France gall that has just appeared randomly, she has a nice voice
  2. Awwwwwwwweeeeee I have in fact a skirt that looks just like this. I looooveee ittt
  3. Nap and cuddle buddy. Pet friends included. I wouldn't mine investing my nap time with other people .
  4. By experience , your inner ear. It's one of the most uncomfortable places you could ever get a zip at. They are usually very very painful if they are irritated.
  5. I love eyeshadows I think this one looked more like "emo" make up this other one were you can see my hairstyle was more meant for "trap" vibes than emo You did a great job with Onision 🥺🥺🥺🖤🖤🖤
  6. You look beautiful and really happy with that haircut congrats!!! 😊😊
  7. There is som*thing really really beautiful in "dark aesthetic" . I love them as well
  8. I love how comfortable I make people feel around me . I also like how hardworking I can be when needed without becoming a d**khead . I love chocolate hehehehehe . I will always be a mini sebo. But now a healthy one .
  9. This is just being a fuxking pro . Icee Coooooool!!!!!
  10. I want to be healthy I want to be happy I want to make the person I like even happier and healthier than ever. (I'd love to have the chance of seeing it)
  11. I am a Bulbasaur 🥺🥺 I want to be Palkia
  12. My teeth while growing up were more like "animal looking" , I wore braces for a short period of time in my upper teeth in order to correct them . My lower teeth were not perfect at all and they offered me , to wear braces too. But I felt comfortable with them, and also, There was no way I was laying that much for correcting som*thing that is completely fine. If there was a noticeable problem like the upper teeth ( I got into a fight once and one of them moved but in a place were it shouldn't be). As long as they are working, healthy and they match yourself , there is nothing wrong. But this trend of going through surgery for getting the "white pearl teeth" is just, in my opinion , like a body type that goes trending, useless.
  13. I love different hair styles. These are some of my summer fav styles. Hahahaha despites the fact that the one with the hair extensions was really damage, all of them have their own thing. Blonde looks great on you.but also that cherry looking color. I love blonde too. I've had in my mind trying adding a few golden/ashy/silver extension or strings. Are you still up to experiment with your hair or have you settled down with a certain hair style? I have already decided the hair style , and I feel comfortable with my current hair color but I'd love to surprise my own self with some cool random idea xD
  14. Hehehe I used to love fans, they will always be trending. I think they are way much better than air conditioner itself. I remember one time when I was like 5/6 before starting school going to buy school material and I ended up playing randomly with a lonely fan that was in a shop. Air conditioner has been the most thing that we use here, it's a must if you want to take a proper nap without having a near death experience, and don't even talk about having a "high carb meal" before a long sun walk and trying to sleep. Remember, you need to be surrounded by the correct people, more than anyone else , so that's why you have to even take more care. To garantize your well being. No excuses. It's your health. Whenever someone makes som*thing you don't like or you think its hurtful, don't get your bad feelings take advantage of you and express them . Sometimes not all the people are able to listen so you also have to be able to realize who deserves your words and how does not 😉
  15. The worst illness that I've ever had, by far, is depression. Right now my physical health might not be at its best but, nothing compares to that endless sadness. As I've said a few weeks before, I am getting diagnosed to see how damaged my brain is. I almost d*e twice this year, this month I've been a minimum of three times a week in the hospital to get checked and I've realized about lots and lots of things that I'm whiling to share with you all. When I was a c***d I used to see the world in black and white. Now I see it in a vibrant colour pallet and it's a huge different. Just look at my "parodying meme face" do I look like I've had to be more than 14 hours without eating ? Do I look like I've been Injected with trashy things to confirm If I am in the need of an urgent surgery or not? That's a huge different, I feel that the worst way of dieing is not by a car accident, by a sickness... It's when you're not able to live your life how you want it to be. It's not when you are wether homeless, broke, single, married, young old, it's when you are sad. .I am going to set as an example, the auxiliar that was the one directing my last test , a magnetic brain resonance with contrast. At first he started doing his "hellow funny joke to make you feel comfortable" but at the end he told me that he didn't want to be there that it's just too much, he is a photographer too but he had to choose a better option in order to cope with paying the bills. He was really skilled, he was not a nurse but he helped me with an intravenously that was not put correctly and was making me bleed a lot, (As I'm young I am more likely to be attended by young practicing nurses that are learning, he just has to sup*rvise them but with a quick movement he just solved it). When the test finished as I was laying down in the cold bed with two nurses cleaning both of my arms he told me that I reminded him another "practice student" that was working with him, he really thought I was his student. When the test finished I was allowed to leave to the cafeteria for eating , meanwhile he was collecting all the info for giving me a CD to take it for the neurologist. That was when he looked at me with the more heartbreaking gaze, that gaze will forever be in my mind. He looked at me like he was the one d***g inside, I don't really now what he saw in my brain, If he was able to understand what was going on, If that damage reminded him of som*thing or whatever but I felt how sad he was and I almost cried. Despites I'm a walking meme that was hard. If you are wondering, I am ****** free, I was at high risk and one doctor, before leaving his job because of depression, told me that I might have it, chest ****** with metastasis, imagine how sad would he have had to be to reflect all is inner pain in telling me, without, doing me hormones test and more things, that I was dieing. Just because my brain issues, and my way of being, I just might be d**d. The worst illness is sadness That's why I like making people happy :3
  16. Right now, I like having an age gap, but not too much (6-7 years). I feel that the older and experienced I get, I will probably start caring less about that. On the one hand , I've had bad experiences that have made me think this way in order to protect myself for being tricked and fooled again. On the other hand, it is not about age, it's about the person behavior and intentions towards me . But that does not change at all my lived experience, so despites the fact that I should be more objective in this topic and not generalize I can't. Perhaps it is just me, although I don't feel like I'm being unfair, it's my point of view. Of course, if someone is worth it , I am not going to unsee it just because a number.
  17. I invest my time on them. I give them my best advices. I try to help them achieve their goals . Loyalty, honesty just comes natural to me when I'm interested. I make jokes , you see me sparkling, you see that indescribable happiness. I will Doo anyyythiing for loovee. Umm I give too much, way too much. I am a romantic brat, we should say. But if you don't treat me correctly or you end up giving me headaches I'm dumping you for sure. Sooner or later the love would be gone, lallala why don't we stay young? Only if I have feelings, if not I don't play games I say it straight . With friendships, duties, romances ...
  18. You should feel really proud of yourself for being able to not relay on abusing med*cation again. I have a few friends that are on meds for different anxiety, psychosis crisis and I can tell you. The more you relay on medicine the worst. Sometimes it's inevitable, but If you are able to do the hard hard work, it will always be a better option. I hope you can slowly but surely improve and get less bad days!! For example, from my perspective with convulsions, if you have a healthy lifestyle, and a routine, (get quality amount of hours of sleep ) stay away from weird lightenings, you will have less complications. Most of the mental disease, brain damage it's really complicated finding a proper diagnose, so you better start understanding with a professional of course, how your body reacts and how can you do to stay safe. I've been told that most of the times the prescription made for someone that has just have a crisis , it is not that "well made" and it's difficult getting the correct med*cation "at first sight". So if it's too much and you get addicted to it. It ends up being even worse than before.
  19. I love this post. I have always been single because I did not wanted to date people that wanted to date me, because that would be being dishonest if you are not fully into someone else for dating and the other person wants to, you better express yourself. From my perspective, my heart is like "an open high way" now, but I like spending time with myself. I had been in love with someone else but things did not work so there were no "next steps" taking. Seeing someone not "demonizing" not dating people just makes me more chill. In my surroundings I've seen it all, from falling in love and having a nice experience with someone else, to getting a partner just because of the sake of getting one. At the end of the day, you do youuhh!!!
  20. I am getting a tutor for next semester. Thank you for the channel recommendation , it's really helpful!!! I still got a long way to go, because nowadays without a good programming understanding you go literally nowhere !! Hehe it's not easy going at first sight, but I think I can explain it to everyone else and make it fun and entertaining !!
  21. Well, believing there is som*thing untouchable , omnipresent , that controls everything an it is for sure "humanoid" just shows our desperate need for reassurance of our existence. Lack of objective. BS There is a logic answer but not everyone likes it. At the end of the day, it's your life, how you spend it, who you like, who you don't. I feel that the "god issue thing" is an example of how we see our lives. How we think? Our will. As someone that has talk a lot , a lot with people with hardcore christian religious beliefs, I've realized som*thing. It is not if that god exists or not, it is about giving you a reason to sleep well, giving that c***d that "becomes orphan" an empty feeling of hope for someone that cannot process death correctly. Those grannys that have nothing else left but their faith. Other people, bad people, use the "faith thing" for taking advantage, there are no "good believer left" . In fact if we start discussing about what is good or bad, who is a "better person" you'd find som*thing. We all have faults , there would be the same number of "good non believers" than "good believers" none. We are imperfect, impure, mortal, corrupt, weak. More or less. And that "seeking for perfection, for an eternal happiness" from my point of view, just makes us loose our time getting lost in empty toughs . Some people need it. Faith. Sometimes I feel like I need it. But we should change the direction, it is not about having faith in someone that, does not exist , is about having faith in all of us as society. The day we all realize about that ,it would be a better day. But it does not seem like happening soon. I just see a lot of people having a really hard time nowadays and it makes me sad because most of them don't want a harsh truth, just an easy going lie. Guys, one thing is for sure, if you are reading this, you are, alive. If there is a god above, and all I ever learnt from love was suffering, then I want a nice long chat, and I'd love to entertain it while singing hallelujah. We should accept our loneliness as a "one fully made human being" and then realize we are all surrounded by other lonely kittens. It's easier proving it does not exist than finding a reason for it to exist. I am thinking. If I have in a library a book stand with over 200 books. And the combination of those books order is above 2^9 and it makes me spend a lot of energy figuring out how many possibilities I have to put them in each order. You are telling me, that each one of us with the different combinations that exist in our life time to experience. Just one human being can life multiple lifes changing a few actions. You are telling me that that close to infinite combinatory number, that tends to achieve infinite even faster if we take accountability of the amount of humans that are currently in the world , that just could not be process by one of the most powerful computers is in fact attainable ,because is god who made it? I am still waiting for an answer
  22. Onision, I didn't know anything about you . I found one of your channels "Onision speaks" half a year ago, and I have to say it. It was worth it. Then I saw that you had other channels and I started seeing different aspects of yourself. You are talented, like I told you once before, you had contributed to the YouTube community since the very beginning and a lot of people "copied and changed" lots of your originals idea. As human being, I have no complains, I don't know you in RL, I don't even think you are as most of the people portrait you. I think it was a good idea seeing you with an innocent, blank perspective. I still think you have talent for being an actor, lots of your impersonations are really really cool. I love the joker one. And the female one . Well in general all of them xD even the emo guy that was a pokemon k****r. I am a ***** compare to you xD, with all that drama you are dealing I could not process it. Thanks for being honest about women in general. Also, as someone that has been studying in a "close to military environment" , I like seeing how it works in other countries. Here Marine is really really hard but it is easier to join than air forces. Then "caballeria" is an option that lots of friends I made the first year joined. I'd love to see much more of that aspect of yourself. It looks like you've experience different life perspectives.
  23. Thank you a lot!!! I have a positive mindset and it helps a lot xx Wishing the best to you all too ❤️❤️
  24. I have brain issues, convulsion related and I'm getting diagnosed soon.( When I am too stressed my heart beat drops and I faint, sometimes if it drops way too fast I convulse, and it makes me feel tired for a few days, so my improvements get slowed) Although my mental health is at its best when I'm with a healthy behavior. I felt a few weeks ago like I was hitting rock bottom so I am working on it. Despites the fact that I used to be the kind of person that just "spent hours alone doing exercise" now I cannot be just "lost in the middle of nowhere" , well , I shouldn't. Today I've realized that I have to find a happy medium because I almost felt asleep in the middle of my come back to home. That's the physical aspect. Then the mental is more complicated to explain . It could be easier seeing it.
  25. I feel confident when I achieve goals. I like feeling desirable for the ones I'm interested in. At first, It felt pleasent but now it is does not matter. Unless we are talking about for example, a video production, a certain aesthetic that you made just for being viral. Then you take accountability of what people like. But , by far the best thing is expressing yourself artistically how you want to , and if it is likeable then you feel grateful because you are being "yourself". Nowadays, I only care truly about what my dearest say or if someone gives me nice arguments or constructive criticism. On the other hand, a compliment is a gift , someone taking their time to tell you som*thing nice, it's like this cup of coffee that someone pays you. A kind gesture, there can be hidden hints, of course, but, let's take it easy and enjoy it.



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